Ask Yourself this nutritional question: How can you take advantage of opportunities to encourage your children to begin developing healthy nutritional habits? The earlier in life that you lay a healthy nutritional foundation for your children, the greater the benefits that they will enjoy as adults.

Good nutritional and health habits such as eating, exercising, and meditating are easily acquired in childhood. As a holistic parent you have a responsibility to teach your children about nutrition especially because we live in a fast-good world that spends hundreds of billions of dollars to get you kids to eat their junk food.

When it comes to supporting your children’s mental and emotional capabilities the importance of nutritional balance, with foods that provide a high yield of vitamins and minerals, cannot be overstated. Deficiencies of iron, iodine, vitamins A and B and other vital nutrients are prevalent in school children today and can affect their mental and emotional development and learning ability. Better-nourished children simply function more effectively on a cognitive and emotional level.

Avoid junk food, excess sugar and too much salt in your children’s meals. Convey to them from the beginning that you love them enough to want them to develop lifetime habits of being happy. If you do it early, they will do it for a lifetime because you have shown them with your behavior that you care. If you “walk your own nutritional talk,” you will model for your children a nutritionally sound Self-concept, and more often than not, your children will adopt your healthy behavior.

Nutritionists tell us that because the human brain is an extremely active metabolic organ, it depends on a steady supply of circulating glucose (blood sugar) from carbohydrates to support cognitive functioning. Natural, unrefined whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are the best choices to drive mental activities, since they are also high in vitamins and brain-protective antioxidants.

You can guard against nutritionally sabotaging your children by serving food that enhance their brainpower and mental energy. Researchers have found that when children eat breakfasts rich in natural carbohydrates such as whole-grain cereals, along with a lean protein such as eggs, this can help maintain their mental performance over the morning. By contrast, sugary cereals, donuts, or pancakes with syrup are too high in processed carbohydrates and sugar, which will accelerate the production of a brain chemical called serotonin, which will make them feel sleepy.

You can help your children resist the commercial “brainwashing” to eat fast foods and unhealthy processed foods by explaining to them why the dietary recommendations in this lesson are better choices for them.

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