By Ayasha Roberson

As a child, my parents allowed me to celebrate Halloween when I start to become more religious as a teenager I stopped celebrate it. As an adult I usually work every Halloween, however, there has been some years that I either took the day off or wasn’t to schedule to work on Halloween. One year, I was so excited and prepare to give out candy when I receive no trick or treater. I had found out after the fact that it was due to me living in an apartment complex and most people in the Northern New Jersey area usually drive or walk around the neighbor going to single family houses door to door saying “Trick Or Treat Bring Me Something Good To Eat”. Nonetheless, as Halloween approaches I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how I decorate my office space and myself on this day. Here are my 5 Simple Inexpensive Tips on How to Decorate Your Corporate Office Space for Halloween.

Tip 1: Go to the Dollar Tree

Purchase your decorations from the dollar tree where everything in the store cost a dollar per item. I usually purchase all my candy from the dollar Tree. When you go to other dollar stores for your decorations or candy they tend to be on the pricey side because everything in the store isn’t a dollar. Also, the decorations I have purchased from the Dollar Tree in the past, I have been able to reuse those decorations the following year when I stored it correctly. I am all about saving “my coins” and getting the best bang for my buck.

Tip 2: Decorations

I work it a corporate environment so anything that I purchase for the office has to be neutral colors. Since Halloween colors tend to be more on the earth tones spectrum, I will purchase some fake flowers from Micheal’s no more than 5 to decorate around the office. I work in a very tight and small office space so I tried to make it look very neat and festive at the same time.

Tip 3: Caramel Apples

I love making Caramel Apples during this time of year. I will purchase two bags of the Kraft Caramel squares from Target and purchase 10 Gala Apples from Whole Foods. On Halloween I will bring in my homemade Caramel Apples for everybody to enjoy.

Tip 4: Candy Buckets

You can purchase a candy bucket from Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target or any major retail store because they are normally inexpensive to buy. Most Halloween bucket usually have some type of art work on the front of the bucket, nonetheless, some don’t. If you have good penmanship used a black sharpie to write Happy Halloween on the bucket. With an average size bucket it takes about 5 to 7 bags of candy to fill my Halloween Bucket to the rim. Place your Halloween Bucket into a space where everyone can see it so they can dig in and enjoy.

Tip 5: Dressing For Halloween When Working in a Corporate Setting

Since I work in a corporate environment in the mental health field, I can not dress up in partial or full Halloween costume. However, I might wear Halloween stocking with work attire or a silver pendant pumpkin necklace. I believe by wearing subtle pieces of clothing or accessories still allow for me to participate in Halloween even though I am at work.

We hope that this article has helped you think of fun, creative, and inexpensive ways to enjoy Halloween even if you have to work or attend class that night. For the meantime make sure you connect with us on social media by clicking onto the links below

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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