After you master the to use the Laws of Karma and Dharma, the next thing you to understand is that physical reality is only relatively real. Ram Dass taught me that there are seven levels of reality, and all seven levels are real and happening simultaneously. How real each level will feel is relative to which one you are focusing your attention on.


  1. PHYSICAL REALITY: A material, body-oriented, earth-plane reality (food, money, sex). The majority of people are aware of ONLY this level of reality, and therefore they live within it and don’t see beyond it.
  2. PSYCHOLOGICAL REALITY: In this reality we identify people (and ourselves) as happy, sad, highly functioning depressive, neurotic, aggressive, etc. We see beyond their bodies and observe their unique personalities.
  3. META-PHYSICAL REALITY: In this reality we see people from astral plane, but it’s still another game of individual differences in which we group people within archetype, astrological signs, etc.
  4. AWARENESS REALITY: At this level we see people as beings that are just like us, another entity trapped in the illusion of individual differences (body, personality, astrology). It’s a softer, more aware stage, but we still perceived separateness and still feel separated from each other.
  5. NAMASTE REALITY: At this level of reality we perceive that we are all ONE! When we look into another person’s eyes we see only ONE of us; we see only ONE appearing as the many. Up to this point every reality felt real, but at this level of reality we come to realize that all levels of reality are only relatively real, meaning that no level of reality is any more real than any other level.
  6. MEDITATION REALITY: At this level we return to the formless, non attached, no models, pure being-ness state of reality. At this level we just “are.” It is what God is…NOT the concept of God, but God itself. We live within the un-manifest Uni-verse (one song). It’s the level where we realize that levels one through five were mere experiences of five senses.
  7. SELF-MASTERY REALITY: At this level a liberated, self-realized real being is FREE to be in, but not attached to ALL LEVELS OF REALITY. At this level, you can be in level sex, the meditation reality, and still be in level one, form. As a Self-mastered being you have all levels of reality available to you simultaneously, so you can play in any or all levels of the chess metaphor simultaneously.

All seven levels of reality are real, but when you are fixated at just one level it feels like it’s your only reality. This is what being lost in the drama of life means. If you want to use this lifetime to FREE yourself from the attachment to your earth plane models of how life is “supposed” to be and liberate yourself from your ego, you’ll need to stay conscious to the level of reality you “think” is real, play lightly within it, and learn to move from level to level at will.

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