It’s SaturYourDay and Happy New Year to all. It is your time. Are you ready? A major shift and a change in your life is here. We are in Aquarius Season — shoutout to all the Aquarius celebrating your birthdays throughout this season.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s happening: Mercury Retrograde went direct on Wednesday and I actually enjoyed the first Mercury Retrograde of 2023. Even though I encountered a power outage, no Wi-Fi service, and my alarm being down for a period of time, it absolutely had no effect on my mood. I continued to push through whatever obstacle that I was facing while feeling good about myself and life because there is always someone else who is much worse off than me. I have a lot to be thankful for.

On the other hand, Uranus is direct today. Some of us have shifted into a higher state of consciousness and frequency than before as all three plants were in Retrograde (Mars, Uranus, and Mercury).  If you haven’t shifted, this just means you still have inner work to do. It’s okay — we are all at different levels of healing and transformation. That’s what makes us so special because we can all learn from each other and this blog to help you to know that … in my Michael Jackson voice: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Whatever stage of healing you are in — Are You Ready? Repeat after me: “It’s My Time!” Say, “It’s My Time” 3 times with yang energy, claiming “It’s My Time.” Let’s execute our goals and intentions, manifest them into what you desire.  Whatever projects or business you are setting to launch, now you can launch it and go full speed with it. I am excited with this great ball of energy that I’ve been experiencing all week long.  I can do all things and anything that I put my mind to no matter whatever obstacles I may face. I will continue to feel good about myself, my business, my career, finances, and my life.

As I have mentioned in previous editions of SaturYourDay, we live in a universe that responds to us based on how we feel. You must feel good about yourself in order for you to manifest things that you desire. Unfortunately, most people think and feel that they will never have enough money, based on their experiences and what they been told by their parents or caregivers. It’s no wonder why people keep on struggling to make ends meet when they hold onto the feeling of never having enough. The vibration that you place into the universe either subconsciously or consciously is  never having enough money, so the universe responds to your feelings of never having enough based on how you feel. One of the I teach my clients is the idea of dis-creation – you can dis-create your feelings which are connected to your thoughts. When you start to dis-create your feelings, you will eventually change the way you think and feel about yourself and life. Like anything in life, dis-creating your thoughts is a process and will take time for you to study, practice, internalize and emotionalize what you are feeling. Until feeling good becomes a normal feeling, no matter what you may encounter or experience.

Let’s talk about energies and characteristics of Aquarius and how we should be applying these positive intentions into our lives.

New Projects

As I mentioned previously, it is time for you to start getting those ideas, intentions, and goals implementing. For example, maybe you are planning to launch your new business, 2nd business, or opening a new store location. Now is the time to get your business and careers into their final stages. This is a great time to do and everything is your favor! Like the old saying goes, “Just Do It!”


Being true to your authentic self is something Aquarius thrives on and we should all tap into this energy on a more consistent basis. When you are connecting with your inner be-ing, you will shed part of your old self as you are transferring into the new be-ing. It is a transformative process of feeling good about yourself. No one else can go through this process other than you. Usually when we go through a spiritual awakening, it usually is a solo journey of “finding yourself.” Yes, on this journey we will meet other like-minded be-ings who are also spiritually ascending. They will help you to grow into a stronger you and ascend into a higher consciousness than where you were when you first begin. I have spoken on social media about A Night of the Dark  Soul, or my spiritual awakening that occurred when I was 27. That period was one of the most incredible journeys of my life due to a bad break up with an ex. But out of my darkest moment came my beautiful awakening.


Detachment is something that Aquarius does so well. When we think of detachment, most people will place a negative association with it.  Law Of Detachment says that you must detach yourself from the result or outcome in order for you to allow what you desire in the physical world. For example, if I was completing my law degree, I would transmit my feelings and thoughts into the universe that I already have a law degree. But I detach myself from the result or the outcome because I already believe that I’ve received and earned my law degree. I am not setting a timeframe; I am just going with the flow of the universe. I took my LSAT exam, then got accepted into the Law, and will finally complete my degree in divine timing.

This is how you should apply the law of Detachment to all elements of your life whether you desire to purchase a 1st or 2nd new home, a vacation home, buy your dream car, travel the world, write a book, etc. Don’t think just focus on the outcome…. “Just Do It!”

This is the Just Do It Season for me. I am feeling good. “Just do it” brings me joy, happiness, and peace. I feel so connected with the universe and I hope that you do to.

I hope you enjoyed the 1st edition of SaturYourDay for 2023. Make sure you stay tune for the next edition in February. In the meantime, here are some things to keep in mind.

Chinese New Year starts on January 21st. Tonight is the Chinese New Year’s Eve. To help bring in that abundance, prosperity, good fortune, success, wealth, good health, here are some foods you can you eat tonight.  

Fish – an increase in prosperity

Dumplings – Wealth

Spring Rolls – Wealth

Good Fortune Fruit – (Oranges/Tangerines, Pineapples, kumquats, red dragon fruit, or mango) – Fullness and Wealth

Tangyuan  (Sweet Rice Balls) –  Family Togetherness

Noodles – Happiness and Longevity

Niangao ( Glutinous Rice Cake ) – a higher income or a higher position

Also, tonight we have a new moon, so make sure you write your intention, healing, and abundance checks.

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