The bar has been raised and the standard set. There is a new, eclectic, sensational sound and it is now available to “U”. When you encounter a musician as gifted as Larry Brown, Jr. you understand why he is a rare find. His talent stands out amongst the rest. He is the game changer that is pushing musical boundaries in a refreshingly new direction.

Brown has played across the country and abroad in festivals such as the St. Louis Jazz Festival, JVC Jazz Festival New York and South America’s Lima Jazz Festival. He’s also performed with the Better Carter Jazz Ahead Residency in The Kennedy Center, one of the most prestigious venues in Washington D.C.

This year, Brown made his acting debut on FOX’s hit television series, EMPIRE, where he played recording artist, Snoop Dogg’s lead guitar player.

With the August release of Brown’s sophomore album, “The Music and the Moment”, the guitarist, composer, singer/songwriter, producer and educator has proved to be in a lane all his own.

Unlike his well-received debut album, “There Can Only Be One”, released in 2011, Brown has taken a more daring approach with his follow-up. With tracks such as the “Dream Chasers” and “Language of the Unheard”, penned as his protest song, Brown explores the emotions of the world present-day through the eyes of an artist. Fans can expect this project to be more fusion-based with elements of rhythm and blues, gospel and rock.

Brown’s music resonates with a greater purpose. His passion for music and philanthropy led him to found the Black Church Music Piano camp. He’s been recognized with several awards, including the Woody Herman Humanitarian Award from Birch Creek Music Performance Center.

Brown is an artist whose journey is both unique and compelling. He is a natural born leader with unlimited promise and potential. His path has been laid and the road ahead is full of possibility.

The Music and the Moment” is available on CDBaby, iTunes and

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