Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, CymcoLé’s mother, Lisa, performed in Theater and on Broadway, while her father, Barry Larkin, played Shortstop with the Cincinnati Reds for nearly 20 years. CymcoLé took a little from both parents, developing her talents as both a musician and an athlete. Coming from a long line of professional athletes, CymcoLé was unsure whether to pursue music or carry-on the famous Larkin name in the world of sports like her older brother, Shane Larkin who is currently playing Guard for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. At the tender age of five, she began taking dance lessons in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap but dancing proved not to be enough for the multi-talented Artist, CymcoLé wanted to be more than just a regular girl dancing.
Early on in her music career through her relentless work and talent, CymcoLè gained the praise and respect of music producers in Latin America. As a multi-cultural, bi-lingual artist / musician demonstrating her abilities to sing, dance, play the piano, and strum the guitar, CymcoLè had amazed successful producer Dj Mister Jam, who agreed to work with her. While in Brazil, she was making headlines blazing up the music charts. Her single titled, “Bring on the Nite”, ended up reaching #4 on the Brazilian music charts after appearing in a popular Novella there.
cymcole-bombs-away-cover-art-jpgAlthough CymcoLè had achieved some success and experience, she wanted the opportunity to showcase her own style and sound on her own American home soil and terms. “I felt like the music I was making, was cool but it didn’t feel like it was completely who I was. It was more like I did what I people wanted me to do, and what was working in that market at the time”, says CymcoLè.
Convinced that music was definitely what she wanted to do, she decided to seek out her own sound. In the fall of 2015, her and her creative director, sister Brielle, moved to NYC striving to  push forward in finding her opportunity in the Big Apple. Through some associates of the family and friends, she was quickly introduced to seasoned music producer – K. Mack, from Rebirth Entertainment; credits include Beyoncé, P. Diddy, and Missy Elliott. “She’s a natural performer and dancer who transforms when the music is on. Her dance and delivery are flawless, and it jumps off the screen when you see it. So I was in once I saw that”, says K. Mack.
So this Spring/Summer 2016 after months of working diligently, CymcoLè will release the  Shadows EP to the world! The EP is rhythmic, pulsating, edgy and intoxicating. The edginess and sexiness comes through on songs like, “Bombs Away”, “Touch”,  and “No Difference”. Also as a heads up, check for the super smash “Gunplay” track featuring Atlanta’s superstar, Rich Homie Quan!
“It’s about me breaking out and having a name for myself,” CymcoLé proclaims. “Now its my turn. I’m coming from out of that shadow and saying, this is me and nobody can change that.” 
With CymcoLé‘s captivating lyrics and smooth vocals “Bombs Away” is sure to become a smash hit. 
CymcoLé has been hard at work recording music, taking interviews and gracing the red carpet at celebrity functions and industry mixers. Look out for the “Bombs Away” video which will be premiering real soon. 
Take a listen to “Bombs Away”  on SoundCloud below
“Bombs Away” is now available on iTunes
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