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For those who don’t know, my name is Ayasha Roberson. I am as certified Spiritual Life Coach,
Trauma Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant, and Color Therapist. Each month I write about what
we can learn from each zodiac throughout the year. In today’s edition, we will be focusing on
Taurus Season colors and foods that help our physical and emotional well-being. I will also share
my experience with low self-esteem, being persistent, and my reflection on my stability as a
child which helped me with stability in my adult life. Let’s Get Started….

Spring is in full effect, and we are ending April on a very strong and mighty note. We are
in a transformation and reflection process of the Mercury Retrograde for the next 3 weeks. As I
have mentioned on social media since the beginning of this month, let’s embrace the Mercury
Retrograde. It is a time of reflection and reassessment of what we need to focus and work on in
all areas of our lives. Personally, I absolutely love Mercury Retrogrades and feel like we need
spiritual cleansing, so I am ready.
It is Spring, I start my spring cleaning projects towards the end of March. Each weekend
this month, I had decided to do spring cleaning projects such as a deep cleaning of my entire
house, organizing my clothes, planting new flowers, or packing away winter clothes. Since I

began spring cleaning the energy in my house has felt light, calming, and peaceful. However, if
you want to learn about Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas check out my episode of USL Lifestyle –
It’s Springtime – Episode 26.
Now let’s focus our attention on the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled
by the planet Venus. The power color for this Season is Green, Pink, and White. Green is not
only grounded in nature, but green also has vivaciousness that helps us to feel revitalized. Pink is
known to be Taurus’s signature color as it symbolizes Venus. Wearing elegant pink shades of
pink throughout your birthday will bring you love, romance, abundance, and joy. Pink and
Green govern the heart chakra. When we talk about the Heart Chakra it is about forgiveness,
unconditional love, loving yourself and others. Before writing this article, I dreamed of a little
girl who told me she wants to be a part of Alpha Kappa Alpha, whose colors are salmon pink and
apple green. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest historical black society in the United States,
founded in 1908. Sending a special shoutout to AKA’s sorority!
The color white also proves to be very auspicious for people born under Taurus. The
color white can very well remove the side effects of negative energy. The color white gives a
feeling of peace and happiness in one’s mind. In addition, the color white gives the impression of
purity and sanctity. Including white color in your diet with foods such as bananas (after you peel
them), cauliflower, garlic, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, potatoes, shallots, turnips, white corn,
or white peaches will help reduce your risk of cancer and tumors. Along with being heart
healthy, these foods also control the level of fat in the body.
What can we learn from the zodiac sign Taurus by focusing on these characteristics self-
esteem, persistence, and stability? Again, Taurus is an earth sign ruler by the planet Venus. Let’s
work on our self-esteem. Most people have low self-esteem, and this was something that I

struggled with throughout childhood and adulthood. I can’t remember when I started to love
myself, but I was probably in my late 30’s. According to Grand Rapid Counseling Service, 85%
of the world’s population are affected by low self-esteem. If you have low self-esteem, you are
not alone even though you may seem like you are alone. Your self-esteem is connected to your
confidence, values, and respect. If you struggle in these areas of your life too, then maybe you
should start working on you first before you start anything else. Self-love is the best love that
you can have for yourself. I know that through my healing journey, loving who I am helped me
to find closure with my younger self, such as telling her how beautiful she is.
Persistence is what I absolutely love about the Taurus zodiac sign. It is all about being
persistent with the things you love to do, even if things take longer than you expect. I like to use
the example with Lift Your Spirit, my psycho spiritual holistic company. Our company was
established in September of 2021; however, the website did not launch until March 28, 2023. It
would take a year and half to launch our website, because of divine timing, of course. It is all
about being persistent and not giving up on things you believe in even when others don’t. It is
easier to give up especially when things take longer than expected. However, I find it that it is
more challenging to be persistent as you continue to work through whatever obstacles come your
Finally, Taurus is about stability in all our life. It doesn’t matter if it is our personal life,
career, or professional life, etc. It is about having stability in life. Let’s define the word stability.
According to Webster Dictionary, stability means the strength to stand or endure; the quality,
state, or degree of being stable. Stability has a lot to do with how we were raised. If there is no
stability in childhood, then it will eventually be reflected in your adult life. Stability is very
important in my life. Growing stable upbringing with two parents who loved each other very

much, had stable jobs/careers, and lived in same neighborhood throughout childhood. I had a
very stable upbringing as an African American child growing up in Philadelphia between the
years of 1980 thru 1997. Stability is key to helping you have a stable lifestyle and emotionally
functional adult. If you didn’t grow up this way, it is okay — it just means that you may have to
do some inner child work to create an emotional balance and highly functional lifestyle for for
yourself and your family.
I want to send positive energy to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. Ramadan has
officially ended, the celebration of Eid al Fitr is this weekend — enjoy, be safe, and have fun. We
have our next Full Moon on May 5 th , the Flower Moon. Be sure to safely burn your intention and
healing letters when asking the universe to lead you into the path of your desires and/or healing.
Mercury will go direct on May 14 th ending Mercury Retrograde for the Spring Season. The next
Mercury Retrograde starts on August 23 rd , which is officially Virgo Season. However, for now,
the next New Moon will be in Taurus season too on May 19 th before we officially transition into
Gemini Season which starts on May 21 st .
For more information about my psycho spiritual holistic wellness company called Lift
Your Spirit go to https://liftyourspiritrightnow.com/ Have a happy Spring and Taurus Season, I am
looking forward to next edition of SaturYourDay during Gemini Season, and Namaste.

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