Nothing Last Forever, but a first impression is everything. Without limits you can cross boundaries,without boundaries you can be great. Creating Innovative sound that will last forever is whats most important. Dermot Sutherland II A.K.A INFINITY is here to impact the culture. He hails from West Palm Beach, FL but was raised in New York City, with ties to London and Central Europe.

Being a dreamer isn’t easy, and neither is turning dreams into reality. Try to imagine an artist that paints vivid pictures of how life should be, knowing that his music will live forever. Infinity represents endless possibilities mixed with versatility and creativity unlimited. INFINITY is currently working on his Ep release for 2016 which already features a wide spectrum of sounds with production primarily from THE WATCHERZ (Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Lloyd

Banks,etc). He is determined to distinguish himself from the rest with his debut effort. Having been all over the world creating a diverse sound with his group Futuristic Lingo, INFINITY is definitely on a path to success beyond his wildest dreams. Stay Tuned for whats to come in this young visionary’s future.


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