I hope that you are enjoying the month of June and have had a good week. It’s Gemini Season and I absolutely love this air sign. Shout out to the Geminis Celebrating their birthdays. In addition, this is the continuation of graduation season and the start of summer festivals and food. On today’s edition, I will be discussing Gemini colors, foods, and so much more — get ready!

Geminis are very intelligent and as I mentioned before they are Air Signs. They pick up knowledge quickly and make good friends. They are also perceptive, analytical, and often very funny people. The plant that governs this sign is Mercury, which represents the mind and intellect. Gemini Sign Colors  are yellow, green,  orange, and blue. The colors to wear during Gemini Season are yellow or green. Yellow is associated with the sun’s energy and is energizing to Gemini, providing an abundance of brightness. According to Vedic Astrology, green acts as a grounding color for this “head in the clouds” air sign. Green also offers a sense of tranquility which is often needed in this sign’s frenetic lifestyle.  Yellow is also associated with the Solar Plexus and Green is associated with Heart Chakra. By wearing these colors, you will open these chakras too if there is any imbalance in them.

Gemini is in charge of the limbs, the respiratory apparatus, and nervous system.  This sign is exposed to the illness of lungs, nose, and the respiratory apparatus in general. Gemini is also a sign associated with nerves, so representatives of Gemini often suffer from nervousness, anxiety, and nervous tension. The plant that guides Gemini is Mercury which symbolizes  lungs, brain, and neural axis. Also, it manages the way parts of the body relate to our mind and how our body reacts on brain commands.  The psychological and mental states of Gemini natives drastically influence their health.

Gemini’s biochemical cell salt is potassium chloride, which is like a building material for our cells, bones, skin, and organs. Potassium chloride is needed to ensure free and active blood flow. It also supports lungs and bronchi by keeping them free from liquids and ventilated. Foods Geminis are advised to eat are tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, plums, peaches, grapes, bananas, basmati rice, green, red beans, quinoa. Other foods that support good functioning of the nervous system include oranges, lemons, pears, grapefruits, walnuts, baked fish, and seafood. Salad greens and cauliflower seeds in small amounts will provide support and provide nutrients to prevent bronchitis.

There are also some foods that Geminis should avoid. It is better to minimize coffee usage and search alternatives in herbal or green teas, which are delicious and affect nerves positively. Gemini are always busy and have no time to prepare healthy food, so they always eat out and choose food that is high in calories and fat. Organize your diet and you’ll see changes very soon.

Air is in charge of the nervous and circulatory systems and the way food is propelled through the stomach, through the urinary system and lungs. People of air signs are spontaneous, easily motivated, active, but are quite easy to baffle and outbalance.

Next, let’s take a look at the celestial events this month. On June 17, we have Saturn Retrograde which reflects learning life lessons and the New Moon in Gemini, which centers on committing to your goals. Also, on June 17, the Sun enters Cancer (Emotional) and June 21 is the Summer Solstice bringing Spiritual Nourishment. Of course, this month we also have the celebration of Father’s Day on June 18 and Juneteenth.  The month of June is full of life and energy so make sure you tap into this sign of Gemini. Even if you are not a Gemini, we can all learn something to help us to become better human be-ings on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level.

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