Welcome back to SaturYourDay … I took a little break and now I feel refreshed and ready to
continue to write my spiritual blog which can help you become a better person spiritually,
emotionally, physically, and financially.
It’s July — summertime! It’s my favorite season, because I feel more spiritually connected to my
higher self, animals, and nature. I absolutely love this season. If you are born during the season
of summer like I am, you can feel vibrational energy rise and feel super connected to your
higher self. If you don’t feel this, it means that you are not aligned with your higher self.
We are in the season of Cancer – here’s shoutout to the Cancers celebrating their birthdays. In
this season, we need to connect to the Cancer energies of being more loving, nurturing, caring,
compassionate and healing. Try a water activity — whether it is placing your feet into bucket of
water, or going to the beach, pool, or lake. I want to you connect to these water energies,
which help make you feel rejuvenated so you can have clarity and direction. You don’t have to
go for a swim, you can just simply put your feet in the water, and this will help
Has this year been progressing as you expected? As I mentioned in previous blog posts, this is
the year of healing. If you have been healing yourself since January, you have already started to
feel a change inside of yourself. This positive transformation process will help you to evolve into
your true authentic self. You should already feel layers of your old self starting to dissolve. You
may feel a little discomfort as you evolve, and you may experience confusion at times. This is
okay because you are still shifting into the next stage. How do you know whether you are
shifting or not? One sign is that things that you enjoyed doing 6 or 8 months ago, you may no
longer enjoy doing. When it comes to friends and family that you used to hang out with, you
may now find that you don’t have much in common with them or you feel that connection has
been lost. No worries — this means that you are shifting into the true self and Universe is
making room for you to continue for new people to come to into your life, so you connect with
them in this phase.
Now, I know most people don’t like change and become resistant to the process of change.
Unfortunately, most people will do anything to keep their friendships and relationships with
people that they have outgrown even if it means keeping their spiritual and personal growth
stagnant. Like the old saying goes, some people are in your life for season and others are in
your life for reason. Just let it go … trust and believe that the universe is working in your best
interests. Now, you may ask when will these new people will come into your life? My response
is, I don’t know when you are going to meet new people. There may be a period of this phrase
that you will be alone, and the universe will work on some of your fears, doubts, guilt, etc.,
before you meet and able to connect with new source energy that is getting ready to enter your
life. Just know that everything happens for a reason and that universe knows you better than
you know yourself. Don’t worry, just let allow things to flow naturally into your life.

In addition, during this stage we tend to worry that things aren’t going to work out for us
because it is taking too long, or not going according to how we planned it. In this stage we are
being tested to see how we will react and what we are going to do because God gives us
something called free will. It is up to us — are going to be patient? Or are we going to impatient,
and then take matters into our hands? Most people will take matter into their hands and mess
everything up for themselves in the long run. Simply because they don’t want to wait, and they
want things when they want it. When I start to feel impatient these are things I try to do:
 Go for a walk
 Read a book
 Listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube or Spotify (She is fabulous)
 Exercise
 Meditate
 Do Yoga
 Pray
 Fast
 Go to the beach
 Go to the waterfront
 Go to the mall (just walk around the mall)
 Go to the library
 Talk to a spiritual friend or mentor
 Journal (write about how I feel)
 Go to sleep
 Go to the spa
 Go to the pool to relax or for a swim.
 Go out to eat
I usually do most of these activities alone, which doesn’t bother me anymore. However, if you
have a spiritual partner, support/safe person, or spiritual mentor who is emotionally balanced
then enjoy these activities with them. I have learned through my spiritual journey that just
because someone is spiritual doesn’t mean that they are emotional balanced. I have seen my
fair share of spiritual, yet emotionally unbalanced individuals in the mental health field and
community. Again, make sure the individuals that you confide in are emotionally balanced and
stable so that they can enjoy these activities with you. The last thing you need is for someone
to project their negative feelings, energy, and thoughts onto you during this phrase.
Also, during this season, try to spend some time with yourself. If you cannot dedicate a full day
of taking time to care for yourself, then spend a couple of hours alone during the day. If your
kids are in summer camp, summer school, or participating in extended school year, then take
about three to five hours of the first part of your day for you. Just do something for yourself,
whether it is meditating, walking in the backyard without any shoes on (which is grounding),
napping, taking a short walk or scheduling a massage. Self-care must be a part of your lifestyle
especially during the summer season because our days are longer. Prioritize your time to spend

time with yourself. It is all about keep yourself balanced and grounded which will help give you
clarity and direction.
Finally, let’s talk about stones that help give you clarity during this season. Ruby is the
birthstone for the month of July. Ruby will help promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge,
and wealth. When you place a ruby stone at the front entrance of your home it will help protect
your home, family, and possessions. Another stone for grounding is black obsidian, a powerful
cleansing stone. This stone will help work against negative energies and psychic attacks. It will
help you stay grounded and give you a sense of clarity. Finally, there is turquoise, a copper-
based stone known to attract good fortune. The energy of the stone reminds us that everything
you want, you already have because it resides within you.
July is all about abundance. You already have it, but you need to speak it into existence. If you
believe you don’t have it, then you don’t have it. However, if you honestly believe that you
have abundance, and that it’s your birthright, then you have it. Soon, you will start to notice
how you are attracting want into your life. Abundance is all about you believing that you
already have it and that the source of energy within you is responding to your thoughts and
feelings around what you desire. Everything that you want in the universe is already yours, you
simply must claim it and believe it. The key word in manifestation is believing. Believing
wonderful things are happening, even when they haven’t happened yet is called faith.
Everything happens in divine timing, which is not our timing, but the universe’s timing.
Through my spiritual journey, I had to work on my dharma or my healing first because my
thoughts and feelings were preventing me from manifesting remarkable things into my life. (I
will talk about dharma in a future edition of SaturYourDay). Work on your healing first, then
you will start to see how fast universe will allow things to fall into place for you.
Finally, we have a full moon on Wednesday, July 13. If you have your intention/healing letters
make sure you burn them and say out loud, “I release what no longer serves me and I am ready
to receive the things that do serve me for my higher good which is happiness, love, wealth,
abundance, peace, good health, good fortune, financial freedom, healing, success, joy, etc.”
Let me know how you feel once you burn your intention letter. If you didn’t get a chance to
write your healing/intention letters, no worries, the next New Moon is on July 28.
Thank you again for reading SaturYourDay. Make sure you connect to my blog on Instagram
@SaturYourDay and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ayasha
Continue to shine bright, have a wonderful weekend, be safe, and Namaste.

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