Cancer Season is Here

It’s Cancer Season —  shoutout to all of you Cancers out there celebrating your birthdays. I love the energy of this water sign. Cancers are nurturing, creative, and intuitive. This energy is all about tapping into our true authentic self. The power colors for this season are silver or metallic grey. Cancers are ruled by the moon, so it makes sense that ethereal silvers and greys are their power colors.

On today’s edition of Satur-Your-Day I will be discuss the creative nature of the zodiac sign Cancer along with the intuitive and nurturing instincts that goes along with it. Additionally, I will explain how we can benefit when we start to connect with inner be-ing as it leads us to healing ourselves on psycho-spiritual level. I will also discuss self-care ideas related to overall health and welling. Finally, as a bonus for today’s article I will be talk about the upcoming new moon on July 17th to focus your attention by either writing a healing or intention letter under the next new moon.

Cancer is similar to Gemini when it comes to creativity. Cancers are very creative, can naturally create anything with their mind, spirit, and hands. Cancers are able to create beauty within their homes, make decadent foods. My mom is a Cancer, she always received rave reviews on her house. Also, she is an excellent cook, and when something breaks, she can fix it. My mom is an accountant by trade, which you wouldn’t guess with her creative talents. However, there are also Cancers who aren’t good at fixing things but are pros at organizing.

Cancers are very intuitive; they tend toward self-exploration which leads them to tap into their spiritual gifts and heal themselves on psycho spiritual level. Cancers are also protective and nurturing of their families. They are the Mama and Pop Bears of the Zodiac, along with Taurus. Cancers make sure their children are nurtured from top to bottom; they want their children to be in the best schools with the best teachers. Cancers parents know every move of their children and  are on top of everything. You may find them on the board of their child’s school PTO or Neighborhood Association Meetings, (right alongside Taurus, who have similar personality traits/characteristics).  However, this trait sometimes makes Cancers overprotective and possessive when it comes to those they love (this includes material things).  They are the Crab of the Zodiac, so when they see something they like, it is hard for them to detach themselves from it.

Healing involves being connected with your spirit, higher self, or God-self. Cancer season is the perfect time to become emotionally vulnerable and honest with yourself. You can start with soul searching and exploring those parts of yourself that have been hidden you have blocked yourself due to remembering trauma or past experiences. These can keep you from healing yourself. You need to heal yourself to enjoy life. This season, take the first step and say, I want to stop experiencing painful memories especially of what occurred during my childhood. This is proclamation that you must make between you and the universe. You will be lead to the right person to help you through your healing journey.

Self-care means getting your health in order. Be sure to get your yearly checkups and fill your diet with foods that give you high vibration energy. You also need to include exercise or some kind of physical activity in your regimen. You can take dance, spin, or even yoga classes. If that too strenuous for you, then start off with a 2–5-minute morning exercise routine or go for a quick morning walk. Do these things regularly at least to build up your stamina. It is all part of working on your health from the inside out.

Meanwhile, we experienced the 7-7-7 portal on Friday, July 7th, 2023. This was a very powerful day in numerology and astrology whether you believe in it or not. The number 7 is a very powerful number; it’s the completion of cycles, rewards, transformation, change, and growth. The 777 portal peaked on Friday – this is the time to feel good about yourself and life. This means that whatever you desire, this is the time to feel like you already have it and claim it.  In order to truly manifest the things you want in this world, you have to believe it first. (For more about manifestation go to  The 777 portal will end today on July 8th.

Furthermore the next new moon will be on July 17th. During the new moon, remember to write your intention and/or healing letters. If you have experienced a lot of traumatic loss and painful experiences, especially in your childhood, I suggest writing a healing letter. You can write as many letters as you want. Tell the universe what you want to be healed from, whether it is sexual abuse, alcohol, drugs, fornication, prostitution, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. Remember: whatever healing letters you write during a new moon you will be able to burn under a full moon. I always advise my clients to write healing letters until you feel that you have been healed from whatever trauma that is stopping you manifesting your desires.

But with intention letters, write about what you want like you already have it. For example, you might write something like: “I am so happy and grateful for my cars, houses, career, successful business, being a multi-billionaire, etc.” Keep writing these letters this way —  the key is that you must feel that you are already have acquired these opportunities, blessings, and miracles into your life — no matter what you are going through and no matter what your circumstances look like for you.

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of SaturYourDay during Cancer Season. Here are some important dates to keep in mind. The next full moon will be August 1, 2023 and will be another super moon. This full moon will take place during Leo Season during the Lion Gate Portal which occurs every year between July 28th thru August 12th. It peaks on August 8th.  

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My next blog will be everything about Leo season — thank you for reading! Have a good weekend and Namaste.

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