By: Ayasha J Roberson, MAS, CSLC

Happy October! Fall is in full swing. Yes, the weather has gotten cooler here in New Jersey. Halloween is the last day of the month. I am already in the fall spirit: I have decorated the front door of my house and have Halloween candy ready for the treat or trickers.

It’s also Libra season, which is all about finding and maintaining our balance. Just a brief overview: we had a New Moon on September 25th, where you got the chance to write your intention and healing letters. The next full moon is on Sunday, October 9th. Be sure to burn your intention and healing letters safely. When burning your letters, continue to set your intentions on whatever you want to manifest and your healing letters will release whatever no longer serves you, so you can start to heal from whatever trauma you have experienced. I know when I wrote my healing letters monthly, I noticed little by little, the universe was healing my heart by allowing me to forgive myself from past experiences. It was such a powerful and fulfilling experience when I noticed I was healing from this monthly exercise. There is a saying: Let Go and let God…Life for me has become sweeter and peaceful.

Since we are in the season of Libra, I also want to focus on how to find your voice, building a healthy relationship with yourself, commitment, and creating harmony.

Finding Your Voice

I know that most people, especially adults, have a hard time finding their voices because of many factors. Finding your own voice is a struggle for most people because we can’t figure out how we lost our voice and then how to gain it back.  Some people can find their voice through their healing journey. However, most people cannot navigate through this experience on their own, so they need guidance from a holistic practitioner or therapist. If anyone saw the movie the Woman King, Viola Davis plays the main character, who recognizes that she had lost her voice when she was raped. Once she came to that realization, she noticed that her wounded inner child had been silenced from that traumatic experience. She could become step into the role of becoming fearless and powerful “The Woman King.”

I believe finding your voice starts with considering the question, “Who am I?” First, you are not the roles that you have been assigned, such as mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, friend, cousin, lover, teacher, accountant, entrepreneur, musician, etc. Ask yourself, Who am I? The best ways to do this is a simple exercise: look into a mirror because your eyes are doors to your soul. For example: I am a spiritual be-ing living a human experience. I am on a healing journey to find my inner voice as I heal my inner child. Now you don’t have to use this exact wording, but this is what I used as start to heal myself. Do a meditation that consists of using a mantra, mindfulness meditation, or deep breathing exercise to help release whatever repressed feelings that might surface or you start to feel. You can go always go to YouTube and search for videos on “meditation” or if you have Spotify, search for Deepak Chopra, who has mantra meditation that you can use as well. Once you identify who you are, then you will be able to find your voice. This exercise takes some time to do before your inner be-ing start to awaken, as you connect with your true authentic self. If you can do this exercise in the morning before the start of your day or with your therapist or holistic practitioner. Try it and share your experience.

Building Healthy Relationships

Building healthy relationships is challenging for most people. Most people don’t know the difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships which is a completely different issue. Today I am going to spend time explaining how to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. Most people don’t like spending time with themselves because they don’t like being alone or don’t like themselves. I have been single my entire adult life and when I experienced my spiritual awakening when I was 27, my entire life path altered. Throughout my 30’s, I spent a lot of alone time building a healthy relationship with myself before I was able to start to build healthy relationships with others. 

The first step to building a healthy relationship with yourself is to love yourself. I suffered from low self-esteem throughout my childhood and young adulthood. My self-esteem started to change in my late 30’s. During this journey, I was reading a lot of spiritual self-help books and started to feel good about myself.  At that time, I started to see the beauty in all things and spent less time complaining about I looked. Beauty is only skin deep … it is all about how you feel. You must feel good about you first in order to build healthy relationships with others. When don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself, you are just going to transmit this negative energy into the atmosphere. Also, you will attract someone to you who possess the same vibrational energy as you. The crazy thing is that you will not even realize it at first, but eventually the person may exhibit the same behaviors as your previous partner or friend. That’s why it is always so important to build healthy relationships with yourself first, so you can attract similar people who are on the same vibration frequency as you.


Commitment is such a strong and important word to use. Most people will tell themselves that they are committed to their families, marriages, new business venues, their children, etc. I will give two examples of my experience of a spiritual and physical commitment. I remembered when I entered my spiritual awakening at the age of 27, I worked the overnight shift at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ. At the time I was living at my parent’s house in Philadelphia. One night as I was driving to work, I suddenly decided to stop at the beach, before going to work. The beach is maybe two blocks from the hospital. I got out of my car and walked to the beach. I didn’t know what I going to do at the beach, but as soon as I stepped of out my vehicle, I decided to walk on the beach. It was a beautiful summer night in mid-June. The sound of the ocean felt calming and relaxing. As I sat on the beach enjoying the sounds, I started to pray. As I prayed, I made a commitment to God to dedicate my life to him. Just between me and God and that’s it. To be honest with you, I can’t remember exactly what I told God on the beach that night 15 years ago. But the point of this story is that I made a commitment. This is a commitment that I am still dedicated to even though I didn’t know the journey was going to be so challenging. Making this commitment to myself and God led me to become a spiritual life coach.   

On the other hand, here’s the energy of a physical commitment. When I make a commitment, I  play out the scenarios in my mind to see if this is something practical and realistic for me to do. For example, I made a commitment to work six days a week every other week, which sounded good, because I would have four days off. It seemed like a fine commitment. I figure, how hard could this be? I lived about 20 minutes from my job and it didn’t seem to be a bad idea. However, over the next eight months the commitment of working this schedule became intense, hard, and strenuous on my body and mind. I asked myself why I would commit myself to working a schedule like that. I felt overworked and tired even on my days off.  Thank God I had a boss who was flexible so I was able to come up with a conducive work schedule.  I’ve learned that I have to be careful on what I commit to in life so I don’t end up shooting myself in the foot.

Ask yourself these questions: Does your body feel more intense and stressed out? Do you feel overworked and tired? Are you more easily agitated?  Does this feel like a never-ending cycle? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then it’s time to start to reassess what you have committed yourself to and what is going to be your next step to re-evaluate your commitment to your life plans and projects.

Creating Harmony

To create harmony with yourself, you must be on one cord. The word harmony is usually related to music, as musician harmonize beats and sounds so that when you hear and feel it, the music sounds good. You must feel good to create harmony with yourself and others. Have you ever experienced two people yelling, screaming, throwing things, and beating each other up? I know that I have. Are those people are in harmony with one another? The answer is no.

From a metaphysical perspective we are all made up of energy and we vibrate on various frequencies. I am energy and I want to create a harmony with someone who is on the same frequency as me, so we create beautiful harmony together.  It is about connecting to my inner be-ing so I can be in harmony with my true authentic self. You must work on your vibrational frequency because if you don’t, you will keep creating the same dysfunctional reality with your new partners and friends. I’ve learned that you must change your vibration energy which takes time to do. I know that it has taken me years to get the vibrational frequency that I am now on, which includes a lot of time, patience, dedication, discipline, love, etc.  Again, this is not quick fix, but a healing process on a vibrational level.

How do you create harmony? You can create harmony by loving yourself, reading self-help books, or focusing on metaphysical or holistic principles. You can listen to someone like Abraham Hicks – she is amazing and has helped me to continue to vibrate on higher frequencies especially when my vibrational energy is feeling down. You can also use a guided meditation or whatever meditation that you used. Praying helps with your connection with her your inner self along with fasting. Lastly, try journaling on what kind of harmony that you want to create within yourself and with others. Make sure when you journal, you write it in the present tense like you have already created this peaceful and loving environment of harmony for yourself.

Well, that’s it for this edition of SaturYourDay. I hope that you enjoyed this focus on Libra season and that I’ve given you some psycho-spiritual tips to help you find your own voice, build healthy relationships, make commitment, and create harmony.

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October Season begins on October 23rd —  the season of transformation and uncovering of anything hidden in the shadows is here. New Moon in Scorpio is on Tuesday, October 25th. Continue to write your intention and healing letters.  Also, write your abundance checks as well under the New Moon.

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Have a good weekend, be safe, continue to shine bright, love you, and Namaste.

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