Born into the world of Memphis Blues, Hull plied his trade from an early age, growing up playing piano and singing in black and white raced gospel churches in his native Tennessee and later gigging around the US and Canada to great acclaim. After emigrating to the UK over a decade ago, Hull found a new spiritual home in the depths of the Yorkshire countryside, and It was here that he found the inspiration to compose his long overdue debut album entitled ‘Heaven Help Me’, and what an album of surprises and delights it was to be.

Comprising of fourteen unique compositions penned by Jerry himself, ‘Heaven Help me’ took the listener on a fascinating journey. Stories from the artists early childhood watching Neil Armstrong taking his first tentative steps on the Moon, to reminiscing about first loves and Saturday mornings spent watching black and white movies of FBI shootouts with John Dillinger. ‘Heaven Help Me’ was written, recorded and produced in his own home studio, where he produced a masterpiece that did not fail to satisfy his many fans.

In the past two years, Jerry Hull has never been so prolific in his writing with nearly two hundred songs to his name. Fourteen of these specially chosen tracks are about to burst forth on the world on his new album entitled ‘Shadow of the Sun’, an album which finds Hull in a reflective and inspired mood. A cornucopia of rock, pop, blues and more, this powerful album throws us into the rock infused inspirational ‘Looking for a New Tomorrow’ and unforgettable ‘Maybellina’ before being brought back down to earth with romantic offerings such as the haunting and newest release during Valentines, ‘Don’t You Know I Need You’ and exquisite ‘Beautiful Eyes’ not forgetting the spine tingling title track ‘Shadow of the Sun’.

Jerry’s new album, ‘Shadow of the Sun’, creates a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotion for the listener, his masterful piano playing evident throughout. When asked about his new album, Jerry says that these newer more complex arrangements have transcended his earlier music and “Show more of who I really am”. ‘Shadow of the Sun’ is available now for digital download from distributors including Amazon and Spotify, with the CD being released early in the new year. This is your chance to blast off with Jerry and join him on his exciting exploration into a new universe of superb music.


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