RWriting another SaturYourDay Edition was planned through Libra Season, but there is an old saying: human plans, and God laughs. Since we are still in the season of Virgo, undergoing the last Mercury Retrograde for this year, I felt that I should write this article to help you to navigate through this retrograde as we start to prepare for the end of 2022.

For those of you who follow me on social media, I have mentioned several times that I feel that we are already in 2023 and have been manifesting the goals that I desire to achieve then.

We had a full moon September 9-11(peaking on September 10) and there is a lot of new energy shifting in the universe. If you have been healing yourself this year, you can feel the shift of this new energy which is feel powerful and emotional at times. However, we are going through a mercury retrograde, which means to me a time to re-focus, re-assess, re-evaluate and re-start. Since this is the 9th month of the year, September is the perfect time to re-evaluate yourself.

Let’s review 2022 first. What goals have you accomplished so far this year? It doesn’t matter if they were personal, educational, career, spiritual or financial goals. Were you able to achieve any of your goals? If so, what goals have you achieved? Or did you decide to take a “breather,” meaning you stopped working towards your goals? A breather is an enjoyable time, to spend some time re-evaluating your life. I usually noticed a pattern with most people every year: the middle of April arrives and most people are no longer working towards their new year’s resolutions. Most students are on spring break during the month of April. Easter is usually in April and the end of tax season is in April too. By the end of the fourth month of each year, we are already preparing ourselves for our annual summer vacations and gatherings.

We all need more time to ourselves especially if we are working and living in environments that place additional stresses on our bodies, mind, spirit, and soul. I believe that self-care is the best care, and more people should invest time year-round in self-care days. I know that this past summer, I went to the pool at least twice a week, which helped me to feel spiritual aligned, grounded, and balanced. Because I had implemented a self-care routine this summer, it kept me focused on my goals and objectives.

As a spiritual be-ing, living a human experience, you must find a sense of balance that works well for you all year long. This is the only way; you will feel good about yourself and whatever goals you are trying to achieve so you don’t become overwhelmed or stressed out.

However, if you took time off this summer for your psycho-spiritual mental health needs and now you are feeling better than you were back in April or May, now is the time to re-assess so you can get yourself back on track.

I appreciate Mercury Retrograde. However, when I ask people about Mercury Retrograde, the first thing they say is they don’t like it because they heard that it’s negative and just messes things up, which is not necessarily true.  I like Mercury Retrograde because it allows me to understand ahead of time that things might get lost in communication or that there will be technical problems with computers, cell phones, faxes, or any other electronic devices. Mercury Retrograde is the time to allow the universe to do its fall cleaning, cleansing, and clearing with everything in the atmosphere.

 I’ve learned to work with the Mercury Retrograde and not against it. I understand during this season that I will have to leave the house earlier due to traffic or unexpected delays or that there may be communication problems, but it is okay. I always tell myself the world is not going to end and it is a form of letting go of what I cannot control. I started to practice going with the flow last year, which was extremely hard at first for me because I am a Virgo. Virgos are very structured, systematic, and practical, so going with the flow was a challenge for me. But now it has been become a part of my lifestyle and I naturally align myself and my energy with the way the universe wants me to go. Whatever the universe guides me to do, I will do. If something happens unexpectedly then I just deal with it, remaining calm and cool which makes it easier to navigate through this Mercury Retrograde.

In numerology, the number 9 represents “completion,” which is new beginnings and endings. As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I always to tell my clients, with endings comes new beginning. Look at this season of new beginnings as if your life has been altered in a positive way to help you understand what is next for you. You don’t need the when, how, what, or why because that’s all in the universe’s hands. All you must do is flow with what’s going on now. Just know that your season has begun and remember to continue to go with the flow. That’s it. As your spirit flows with the zodiac energy of Virgo Season and the Mercury Retrograde, let’s now talk  about re-evaluating yourself.

This month, we have the 4 R’s

Re-align: Realign your goals, starting with one or two goals to realign. Make sure whatever goals that you are working towards are aligned with your spirit. Your inner being will let you know if this is what you are supposed to be working on now, based on how you feel. You should feel good when you are implementing this realignment process. It should feel very natural, like free-flowing energy, and not rushed, or forced.

Re-focus: How you want to re-focus your attention? Give your energy the attention towards that specific goal and set the intention for your goals to manifest. All this is done based on how you feel. (If you aren’t experiencing a consistent good feeling about yourself, then the re-focus process will not work, and your inner being will indicate to you that you are out of alignment.)

Re-assess: What goals do you need to re-assess? Do I want to continue to work on my certification or my degree or spiritual well-being? Do your goals make sense to you or not? In this stage, you should feel balanced and grounded, so you have the clarity to re-assess your goals. If you don’t have clarity, then you will not be able to properly re-assess your goals effectively.

Re-start: Restart by putting everything into action, not giving yourself a timeline of when you are going to complete or start a task. Your spirit will indicate to you when you should start your task and you will continue to work through each goal, until it is complete. Your goals will be completed in divine timing, so don’t worry the Universe has got you. In addition, I don’t like to set timelines for myself because I procrastinate, which leads to me experience anxiety. In the re-focus process, I manifest whatever I desire to accomplish. For instance, I manifest: I am an attorney and have complete the certification as a Spiritual Life Coach and I have passed the Bar. When I am in the restart process, I subconsciously reprogram my mind to think that I have accomplished my goals in the spirit realm, even though I am still working towards accomplishing my goals in the physical realm which makes it easier for me to achieve my goals.

Just keep in mind that the Mercury Retrograde will end on Saturday, October 1st. This is the shortest retrograde season for this year so I know that you will get through this cycle. Keep in  mind some important dates. First, fall starts September 22nd. Libra Season officially begins September 23rd, and we have a New Moon in Libra on September 25th. During the new moon you can write your healing, intention, and abundance checks. For more information on how to write your letters and checks, please click to read here:

I believe that this article will help you to re-evaluate your life in 2022. For more information about hiring me as your Spiritual Life Coach email me

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