By Ayasha Roberson, MAS, CSLC

2022 has been an amazing year for me. I have emotionally and spiritually grown in so many ways than I could ever image. Learning how to just go with the flow of life and being happy with where God has placed me has truly been an enlightening, empowering, and grateful experience. I am in place with gratitude as I appreciate my life. I am no longer under a mindset of feeling like I need to complete a goal by a specific timeline or date. I am in the mindset of working towards my goals and obtain them in divine timing. The key words “Diving Timing” mean whenever is decided for me for to achieve my goals. The Law of Attraction allows me to not stress out or worry whether or not I will obtain — because I already have! Life is not supposed to be stressful, but fun, free, happy, and peaceful. When I decided to become a Spiritual Life Coach two and half years ago, I learned the method called Dis-creation and as I am learning how to dis-create my subconscious negative beliefs. This year I truly enjoyed just going with the flow of the universe, which has given me sense of joy, peace, and happiness.

In addition, another major accomplishment for me this year is feeling free. This is a beautiful connection that I made with feeling free, having the freedom to move the way the God wants me to move, and feeling good. This free-flowing energy feels so good. I don’t feel like I am being controlled or manipulated by anyone.  However, most people cannot connect with the energy of feeling free because they are emotionally trapped by their negative thoughts, experiences, and memories that consistently play in their minds. These people recognize this but can’t break free of the prisoner inside themselves. It doesn’t help if they have people around them to telling what they can or cannot do.

One way that helped me to connect with feeling free is that I have dis-connected close relatives and friends. However, it took years to feel this; it didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. If you are like most people that don’t see the people in their circle as toxic or unhealthy, then you will not be able to connect to state of feeling free. Feeling free will ultimately allow you to connect with your higher self and Source Energy (which you can refer to as God, Buddha, Jesus, or higher power). For instance, as a child and young adult I always saw my mom as a positive person, but I also felt a nudge that something was spiritually off with my mom. As a pre-teen and teenager, I would often get into verbal and physical fights with my mother.  My dad would be there to try to meditate the situation. My mom would always make everything seem like it was my fault. As I entered young adulthood, I no longer engaged in physical fights with my mom, but continued to participate in verbal altercations. Eventually I was trapped and felt like I couldn’t do anything right. However, when I had my spiritual awakening when I was 27, my life took a turn. I started to see that my mom was jealous of me, and her intentions weren’t good. As I continued to progress through my journey of healing, my relationship with my mom became like a push/pull situation, and eventually that soul tie broke. I begin to feel lighter, think more clearly, and became more content. I now accept my mom for who she is and understand that I can’t change her. I let go of trying to control the narrative of my life and continue on the road onto my journey home to myself.

I no longer desire to have a loving and healthy relationship with my mom because spiritually and emotionally she is unbalanced. How would I have a healthy and emotional balanced relationship?  I simply cannot. I accept her for who she is and absolutely love my mother. However, I have created healthy emotional and physical boundaries between my mom and myself. My mom has learned to respect my boundaries and responds very well to them. When I do talk her over the phone or go to her house for a visit, we share in good conversations and enjoy each other’s company. However, I have the freedom to say yes or no, I have to freedom to create the life that feels good to me. During Sagittarius Season, re-asses your life to create the free-flowing life that you desire to create for yourself.

Next, I would like to discuss searching for the truth. Most people will search high and low for the truth. I used to do the same thing. I eventually discovered the truth lies within me.  As I always say to my clients, there is always the thing behind, the thing behind, and the thing behind. In other words, there is never one way to discover or find the truth to questions that we need answered. Most of the time, we aren’t willing to listen to our inner be-ing, because we may be in denial or simply not listening. Throughout this year, I have talked about having a connection with Source Energy through prayer or meditation. You must connect to your higher self to truly discover the thing behind, the thing behind, and the thing behind. If you are not doing this, you will always be seeking advice from others who may or may not be connected to their higher self which will lead you on the wrong path. True soul searching comes from within. Even within my journey home to myself, I have had so many amazing realizations and aha moments that became clear to me as I was healing myself.

My healing process has allowed me to rely on myself and God more than I could ever imagine. I am feeling so truly grateful to know that search for the truth comes from within me. It has been a beautiful experience to know that God will reveal the truth in His divine timing. When I am searching for the truth, I am evolving and transforming into the person that universe wants me to be so when the truth is revealed, I can handle it because I am stronger now than when I first started to search for the truth. Searching for the truth takes patience, trust, dedication, and growth. You cannot rush the process, just allow the energy flow where the universe wants to it to go. It is like putting a puzzle together which has been an enjoyable process.

Lastly, let’s talk about New Directions, as we are entering a new year. What new direction do you want to go in? Do you like the direction your life is going towards? For me, I love the direction my life is going in because I am trusting that the universe will take me on the path of least resistance. My path of least resistance looks different for me than someone else. We are on two paths and we are different people. How do you find your path of least resistance? My first suggestion would be to meditate and/or pray — ask the universe, the spiritual guides, ancestors, descent loves, spiritual beings, angels, etc. What does your path of least resistance feel like to you? We live in a feeling universe, so we do things based on how we feel. If it feels good, then we do things that feel good. This is not about the instant gratification of feeling good. This is about being connected to your inner be-ing and source energy. When you are connected to these two powerful energies most of the time, you will feel good about yourself and life.

Another suggestion may be fasting. I notice that when I fast, I feel tuned in and can tap into this energy stream of feeling good.  If you can fast, then you will start to receive these spiritual downloads which will help raise your vibrational frequencies. The higher you vibrate the closer the connection you will feel with your true authentic self. The 3 main ingredients that you will need to feel connected to your path of least resistance are feeling connected to your true authentic self, feeling good, and feeling the connection to Source energy. The common word in the 3 main ingredients is feeling. You must feel in order to figure out whether you need to go in a new direction or not. This holiday season start practicing the art of prayer, meditate, or even fasting (please consult with a medical doctor before fasting). Let me know how you feel after you have completed this task.  

This may be the last edition for 2022 of SaturYourDay. I don’t see myself writing another new edition until January of 2023. However, you never know — human plans, but God laughs. In the meantime, here are some friendly reminders: on Wednesday, December 7th, we have a full moon under the sign of Gemini, you will begin to be more curious about what is coming next. Continue to be positive as you manifest great opportunities, blessings, and miracles into your life. Keep your words and thoughts positive because we have 12/12 portal. 12 is the number of the completion of cycle and you can let go of all beliefs that are not supporting you. Speak all things that are beautiful which are full of light and love. Use that Yang energy to think, feel, and speak powerful actions into your life. You will start to experience powerful change within 6 months which will occur towards the middle of 2023.

Also, during the full moon make sure you safely burn your healing and intention letters. Capricorn Season officially starts on Wednesday, December 21st, which is also the start of winter solstice, which marks the symbol of death and rebirth. It is a celebration of light and dark as it marks the Sun on the shortest of the day of the year. From now on, we start our inner journey to be reborn in summer.

Lastly, the last New Moon of the Year will take place on December 23rd. Write your intention, healing, and abundance checks and for more information on how to write these letters and checks click onto the link below

Finally, it is the season Advent for those who celebrate this time of year. Have a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and blessings to you all. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog SaturYourDay. I am looking forward to writing my next edition in 2023.

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