Welcome to a brand-new edition of SaturYourDay and Happy New Year! Today is Saturday, January 15, the beginning of first Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. We will be in Mercury Retrograde until February 3.  Take it slow and use your energy to revise all documents and agreements. Don’t take any message too seriously as we can expect trouble with communications. Tim to double check everything to not lose the pace of this year.

I hope that today’s article will help get you in jumped into in the direction. If you are feeling unbalanced, make sure you ground yourself by doing meditation, praying, journal, and spending time with yourself whether it is sleeping or eating. As long you are grounded, you will be fine as you transition into this retrograde season.

Today I am going to explain how to put your intention into action so you can turn your dreams and goals into reality. I want to see you succeed and achieve every intention that you set for the new year and beyond. Here are my 3 simple tips on putting your intention into action for the New Year.

Tip 1: Setting Your Intentions & How to Achieve it

              We had the first New Moon of the New Year on January 2, the day after New Day, which is a wonderful time to create a practical plan for the new year. This plan could be used as New Year Resolution for 2022. I know that most people wrote their New Year Resolutions before January 1, which is fine, however, if you wrote your New Year Resolutions within the 3 days before the New Moon which is December 30, 31, or January 1, you can use this letter as your intention letter. Your intention letter should be set for the next six months. Since the new moon was in Capricorn it’s about setting long goals, planning, hard work, financial stability, and ambition. Your intention letter should be written in the present tense. For example, I have a new business called Get Your Life Start, LLC. The second part of this month’s intention letter is How Are You Are Going to Achieve? I am going to create a website which will allow me to attract clients and customers from around the world. By setting your intention and telling the universe how you are going to do this, the rest will be fall into the place. However, you must believe that you already have a successful business so do not allow your negative thoughts take over. Try to your best to keep your energy, thoughts, and feeling in a positive state.

Tip 2: Abundance Checks

Write your abundance check, within 24 hours of a new moon. Take a blank check from your check book, then write on the check whatever you want to receive. For example, if you want to get out of debt: Write the name of the credit card or student loan company on the Pay To line. Write the word “Now”on the date line. Write “Paid in Full” in the box after the $ sign. Also write Paid in Full on the dollar amount line. On the memo line, write Debt. Then on the signature line, write Law of Abundance; underneath that write, “Thank you” three times. Lastly write three symbols above the words The Law of Abundance. Zibu Symbol means Gratitude, the symbol next to it means Unlimited Abundance, and third symbol means success. Here’s the example of abundance check below:

You can write out as many abundance checks as you want. Abundance checks don’t only have to have a financial tie to them. You can also write an abundance with your name on it asking for healing, love, peace, wisdom, joy, happiness, good health, food, harmony, etc. Whatever you are seeking or needing from the universe, just ask for it and it shall be given unto you.

If you do not have a blank check book, you can draw a check on a sheet of paper and fill it out the same way- the results will be the same.

Once you are finished writing out your abundance checks, put them into a safe place and forget about them. The Universe will take it from there.

Try it yourself and see what happens during the next New Moon which is February 1st. You will notice over time how your income increases, or things come to you “out of the blue” or you get a great deal or an item you have been wanting, but now it has been gifted to you. Abundance comes in many forms.

Remember This: Energy flows where intentions goes! You want to project out into the universe good positive energy when you are writing your abundance. Keep mind, spirit, and energy positive when writing your abundance checks.

Tip 3: Keep Yourself Grounded

              You should always make sure you keep yourself grounded especially through your season of transformation and during the Mercury Retrograde. You need to keep yourself grounded because it allows you to remain focused on whatever you are trying to accomplish and stay connected with God at the same time. There are times when I started to feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, anxious, and disconnected. When I start to feel like this, I ask the universe to help me to connect to him and my higher self, so I receive the messages the God is trying to communicate to me. Sometimes it will within in a couple of hours or a couple for me to have the clarity for God, then everything else falls into place. On the other hand, I used to fast a lot due to feeling a lot of negative, unbalanced, and confusing energy around me. At the time, fasting helped me stayed connected with God to receive clarity and direction that I needed. However, I don’t fast as much as I usual too because my psychic ability has gotten stronger. Nevertheless, when I do fast, I usually do for health reasons, which is different subject. Moving on, to keep myself grounded I meditate, by using the Spiritual Distinction Meditation to help me to be guided by spirit instead of ego mind. I also sometime will play my chakra bowls to help clear up whatever energies around me. Also, walking barefoot is another way to stay grounded. If you have a backyard or front when the ground is not wet, walking on fresh soil or on sand is an effective way to keep yourself grounded. I live in New Jersey, so it is very cold and wet outside during this time of the year so what I usually do is go to the Spa. The spa I happened to go to you are required to walk barefoot, which allows for me to stay balanced and focused on what God wants me to accomplish and complete. So, this New Year try it and let me know how you feel.

Bonus Message: We have a full moon on Monday, January 17th (which is MLK Day) make sure you burn your intention/healing letter safely. Release whatever is not serving you or set your intention knowing that God hear your thoughts and words as your wishes will come true.

Date To Remember: Next Moon is February 1st in Aquarius, make sure you write your intention/healing letter. You can write your abundance checks too.

Well, I hope that you will apply these 3 tips that will help you achieve your intention for this New Year and beyond. Thank you for reading this month’s edition of SaturYourDay. For more information about these tips or questions email ayasha@urbansocialitesnj.com  Connect with my blog on IG @SaturYourDay. You can also connect with me on social media FB, Twitter, IG, and LinkedIn @ayasharoberson

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