The season of Advent has started. It began the day after Thanksgiving, (or Black Friday) and kicks off the Christmas Season. I do understand that there are many people who do not celebrate Christmas but you do not have to be a Christian to implement these five tips into your lifestyle this holiday season. As this year ends with celebrating Advent, here are 5 tips that can help you become spiritually aligned with your higher self this holiday season.

Tip 1: Prayer

As I have mentioned in all my previous blog posts, you must have a connection to a higher power, or as you may to refer to it as God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, goddess, etc. You must have a spiritual connection to the universe to help you become spiritually aligned with yourself and God-self. It is especially important to pray daily especially during the season of Advent because God spirit is the strongest and your connection will become stronger. Having a connection with universe stronger than anything that you can imagine. No matter what you may encounter or what you are going through any day,, especially the holiday season continue to pray knowing that all good things come to those who wait.

Tip 2: Meditation

I know that it is hard for most people to meditate because their minds continue to have racing thoughts. Our minds are thinking about what we should have done, what we did not do, etc., especially when we are in that meditative state. When I meditate it gives me clarity and allows me to connect to my higher self as I continue to manifest all things that my heart desires. I practice the Spiritual Distinction Meditation which is more of feeling meditation versus a thinking meditation. To learn more about Spiritual Distinction Meditation (SDM) go to USL Lifestyle Episode 5 as I explain how this meditation works:

In addition, you can practice any guided meditation that you may find on YouTube. You can set your alarm clock for 5 minutes and mediate. Another effective way to meditate is to play chakra music. I always say you can start out for 5 minutes, then increase your meditation time to 20 minutes. It takes a while to reach that meditative state so do not be hard on yourself … We are all a work in progress. Go at your own pace.

Tip 3: Donations/Volunteering

Donate any canned goods, clothing, coats, or toys this holiday season to anyone who is need. I love donating unused clothing and I do this all year around. However, I believe during the holiday season, when you give your items away it allows for the energy of old to go out and new energy come into your household. Holding onto things someone else needs takes away from the blessings that universe wants you to have.  This holiday season it is out with old and in with the new. If you do not know what places are accepting donation, I suggest trying your local churches, community centers, libraries, and non-profit organizations such as the YMCA or Salvation Army.

If you do not have anything to donate, you can always volunteer your time this holiday season at a local food pantry, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc. Giving back always makes me feel good and it reminds me to be thankful for what I have and not complain about what I do not have. Volunteering keeps you spiritual aligned and it allows you to show gratitude of what wonderful things the universe has done for you.

Tip 4: Manifestation 3-6-9

Manifestation 3-6-9 works like this: in the morning, write down 3 things that you desire to have in your life; in the afternoon, write down 6 things you desire to have in your life; then before you go to bed, write down 9 things you desire to have in your life. You do this everyday until what you desire has manifested. For example: I will receive prosperity, I will receive happiness, etc. You get the idea. Continue to write this daily, but you must believe that you have already received these things for this work. You must emotionalize the things that you desire for them to manifest into your life, which takes time and patience. Like the old saying goes, patience is a virtue.

Tip 5: Agesta Sacred Codes

Agesta Sacred Codes are spiritual sacred codes that are amazingly effective for manifesting anything in your life, in any level — spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels especially for healing, love, peace, abundance, money, prosperity. These codes also clear karma, raise vibration, and accelerate the ascension process. To activate the codes, you must repeat the codes 45 times. Why 45? Because 45 is the number of manifestations. To do this, you can make up a tally sheet 45 times; say your codes 45 times daily or you can do hand it by hand 9X5 is 45 (see the image below). Lastly, you can purchase a mala bead bracelet, but it must have 45 beads on it. If you are interest in Agesta sacred codes, please email me and if you would like to purchase mala beads email Evelyn

When you start to work with these codes you can heal yourself, your past life issues, and raise your vibration frequency as well.

I hope you enjoy these five tips to help you become spiritually align to your higher self from now throughout the rest of your life. Try them and tell me how you feel within the next two to four weeks.

2021 has been a year filled with life altering changes, which has altered my life in ways that were unexpected. I have learned to expect the unexpected and know if God is for me who can be against? I am looking forward to 2022 and what things the universe has plan for USL and my life.

Make sure you look out for our end of reading for 2021 and what to expect in 2022 in December. TBA of Date & Time on

This is it for the last blog posting SaturYourDay and I am looking forward to next edition in 2022. If you are interest in hiring me as your spiritual life coaching, for sound healing, or yoga email . Have a Holiday Everyone and Namaste.

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