By Ayasha Roberson

Welcome Back to SaturYourDay … Even though “Spring is in the Air,” it is not “Officially” Spring yet. However in this edition of my blog, I am writing about how I get my spirit and mind ready for Spring season ahead. When we talk about “Spring Cleaning” it always about cleaning our houses from top to bottom, spraying for bugs, putting away those fall clothes, then replacing them with Spring wear. But instead, for this post, I’m writing about Spiritual Cleaning to get prepare for the new season with mind, body, and soul. This is the best to time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare for the new season ahead. I’ve written about what I do and I pray that this blog will motivate you before the Spring Officially begins.

During month of March this year in the Christian Community we are observing Lent the religious season that falls during the spring. For the season of Lent, I decided to take chocolate and hot tea away, which I absolutely love especially when it is the “time of the month” — and ladies, we know what that means. I found it that it has gotten easier when my cycle comes to crave less sweets and carbs, but that has a lot of do with my fasting too. (Please make sure you read my USL Lifestyle post, The Alec Fast). For the Lent, I will not be eating chocolate or drinking hot tea which I have done before in the past. I find once Lent is over, I don’t even desire to eat chocolate or hot tea, which is amazing to me see how my body eventually gets use to no longer craving sweet or sugary things. When I usually drink hot tea, I will put in loads of sugar or honey which is not good. I most recently start using Splenda (maybe about three to four) packets to reduce my sugar. I have a sweet tooth and developed a cavity since my last dentist visit, and that allowed me to reduce my sugar intake. You don’t realize how many things have chocolate, like mint chocolate chip ice cream which I absolutely love, and chocolate chip cookies. But I just have to think of the sacrifice that I am making to give something up to gain something spiritually back from God.

As I get prepared for the new season, I increase my meditation time to 30 minutes. When I meditate I play my singing bowls. I have two chakra bowls, one for the heart chakra and the other for the crown chakra. One of my colleagues is a Reiki Master, who actually did a complete evaluation on my chakras. Most of chakras were closed and I had very low energy; however, I had my chakras re-evaluate back in January and all my chakras are opened with high energy. I will play my chakra bowls sometimes two to three times a day. I found it the more I play them, the energy level increases as I bring more positivity my way. The chakras bowls lifted my spiritual vibration and it doesn’t just help me, but everyone that lives around me as chakra vibration can felt up to one square mile away. On a future edition of SaturYourDay, I will write an in-depth post about the benefits of chakra bowls.

In addition, I use white sage in my house two to three times a week. I live by myself in an apartment even though my apartment is very calming and relaxing, but some of my neighbors that live inside of my building are not. In my case, I will not only sage my apartment, but the entire building, including my front apartment door, the hallways, stairs, front and back door of my apartment building. I am very careful of making sure I don’t set off the fire alarms in the building or in my apartment. When you burn sage, it tends to be very heavy and can be mistaken for marijuana so when you burn it make sure you open all your windows into your house. You want all the smoke from the sage to go out of your window carrying whatever negative energy that the sage takes with it out of your house. In addition, I am in the position to pick and choose who comes into my house or not because I live by myself. However, not everyone has this option. I would suggest for you to sage your house at once week preferably on a cleaning day like Saturday or Sunday . You can purchase White Sage from stores like Whole Foods or Zen Shop (Short Hills Mall) and any neighborhood Botanical or Organic store.

I have recently wrote about my 16-hour fast (see USL Lifestyle about this fast). Fasting has helped my body physically feel better. It has lowered my high blood pressure, my energy has increased especially when I am at work, and I just feel better overall. Fasting also has deepened my connection with God as I feel more spiritually connected with him. Spiritually, I feel closer to God as he allows me to focus on what he wants to do versus what I want to do. I am able to deal with any situation that I go through in life by waiting and focusing my attentions on God. This is not an easy task because so many of us (including me) will go running to family, friends, and coworkers to ask for advise or help instead of focusing on waiting for God to give us the clarity or answer. God will give me divine answers to my questions through visions, dreams, or confirmation through people. I guarantee when you try fasting one day this year, you will feel a difference with your mind, body, and spirit.

Lastly, I am a prayer warrior (or so I have been called lol) as I participate conference call prayer group Mondays thru Fridays 7am to 7:35am ET. About four years ago, I met a colleague through a business networking group in Jersey City. At the time she was attending a church in Jersey City and she told me about her prayer line. At the time, the church where I was a member didn’t have a prayer group. I really needed something that was going to keep me inspire throughout the day. I started to dial into the prayer group faithfully daily. Several months later, I was asked to lead the group in prayer on Thursday and I have been participated in this prayer line ever since. It a powerful line that help me focus on the positive and not the negative. It is a constant reminder that we all have problems and none of us are exempt from them. If you would like to participate in this prayer line, please follow the instructions below:

For Metro PCS & T-Mobile Users Call the Backup Number First (if not you will be charged 1 cent per minute) 781-838-3962, then dial Conference number 712-770-4800, Access Code 176264 #

I pray that you have enjoyed this edition of SaturYourDay and I am looking forward to my next blog post on April 4th at 11am ET. In the meantime don’t forgot to connect with us on the social media link, have a Happy Spring, and God Bless.

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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