The primary purpose of Spiritual Distinction Meditation is to teach you how to develop the ability to consciously FEEL THE DIFFERENCE between all of your COMPOSITE PARTS.

Your Composition Parts consist of what you are-Spirit, from what you have-body, mind, vision, feeling, and thoughts. All of your composite parts are distinct aspects of your being-ness. When you practice this exercise you will develop an awareness of where your energy is being sourced (i.e. is it Mind or Spirit?) This new awareness will support your evolutionary process towards Self-Mastery.

Our Composite Parts Defined Are:

  1. SPIRIT: You, your Life Force, God, the Knower, the Witness, the Observer, the Perceiver, the Intelligence, Allah, Universal Energy Source, Buddha, Soul, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, etc.
  2. VISION: A sprirutally created, three dimensional holographic image that is telepathically projected from your SPIRIT through the projector of your Mind for the purpose of creation.
  3. FEELINGS: Vibrational frequencies of energy telepathically transferred (communicated) directly from your SPIRIT to your body, bypassing your MIND; a feedback tool that distinguishes between positive and negative energies.
  4. MIND: A physical plan tool, used for recording life’s experiences, remembrances, projections, data retention, separation identity (Ego), and for the formulation of plans and strategies to create the future that you consciously or unconsciously envisioned future.
  5. BODY: An oxygen-carbon unit, composed of minerals and water, created by SPIRIT as a machine to function on the earth plane and implement the plans and strategies formulated by your MIND to attain your consciously or unconsciously envisioned future.

The Spiritual Distinction Meditation can be taught in a half-hour. With practice, you’ll start to become more and more familiar with the different vibratory frequencies of your body, mind, and vision that come directly from the essence of what you are….Spirit! This will help you to learn how to STOP resonating negative unconscious beliefs. You’ll be able to accomplish this because you’ll be much more consciously aware of when your love energy shifts to fear energy. By far the most important distinction is the distinction between your spiritual energy and your mind energy , because the Ego-Mind is notorious for sub-vocalizing, “Hey….Listen to me! I’m your Spirit!”

When (with practice) you muster the Spiritual Distinction Meditation , you’ll be able to FEEL, not think the difference between the following: (1) Spirit and your Ego-Mind (2) Intuitive Feelings and your Emotional Blocks and (3) Adult Powers and your Emotional Traumas. These three distinctions (differences) will empower you because you will be able to feel the subtle difference between when your energy is “sourcing” from Spirit and when your Ego-Mind is attempting to, in numerous extremely clever, illusional ways, make you believe that you are coming from Spirit.

Spiritual Distinction Meditation creates a contract that you can feel. It allows you to discern the difference between how Spirit feels from how your Mind feels. This distinction enables you to dis-create your old negative programming because you can feel the difference between the rational lies (rationalizations) of your mind and what your inner truth feels like.

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