1. Don’t forget your audience

This is the simplest, yet most important tip of all as market research is essential to marketing. Are there particular demographics you are trying to attract? What websites does that demographic frequent? What qualities will they be looking for when they look at your product and how can you show your product has those qualities?

2. Look into Content Marketing

Instead of buying ads on Google or designing some complicated website, you can set up a simple blog or Instagram detailing little facts about your business. You can take a humanist approach which shows your business as being a warm and friendly place, or discuss the ins and outs of the industry in a more technical fashion. As noted above, you have to know what your targeted audience is like and then create content that will cater to them.

3. Create a website

Creating a website for your business is your visual storefront, which gives current, potential, and future clients to learn and purchase your products.  You can use sites like WordPress to easily set up your own professional website for free, although you do have to pay for certain features such as a custom domain name (which can be effective in reinforcing your brand and company name). If prospects want to find out more about your company a professional website can make or break whether they choose to buy from you.

4. Get active on social media

Learn which social media site will benefit your business than others. For instance, if you are artist it would be benefit you to create accounts on U-Tube, Twitter, and Instagram especially if you are just starting out. Make sure your content fresh, catchy, and relevant which help build your following and increase your engagement on social media.

5. Network/Partnering

What’s more, they may be able to offer insight and mentoring in a way you could never have imagined. You may find there are complementary elements of each of your businesses or practices, which allow for some collaboration. Partnerships can only serve to help boost your business.

Networking may seem like old hat, but it still works and can be hugely effective. By approaching people face-to-face in the right environment, you’re in the prime position to sell and promote your business. Breaking the ice with a couple of important contacts online can help in attending events and relationships only become stronger when they’re developed in the real world, as well as online.

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