1. Start Your Day With Prayer

Everyday I thank God for allowing me to see another day as I say a prayer before I get out of bed. The prayer doesn’t have to be long, but it helps me to start my day off in a positive and spiritual mindset. In addition, I participate in a prayer line daily which start 7am ET, which also allows me to focus and pray with other believers who are dedicate to prayers for the lives others and ourselves.

2. Meditation

I believe that meditation is important for me as it has help me spiritually center and guide throughout my day. I usually meditate after I get finished exercising. It has help me to balance my chakras and energies around me. I focus on having a positive and productive day no matter what unexpectedly circumstances my occur throughout my day.

3. Say Positive Affirmations

Stay positive words of encouragement to yourself each day. For instance, repeat these words “I am beautiful, with a divine spirit that can create and can do anything I put my mind to.” You can say positive affirmations in the shower or in front of the mirror or even when you are driving to work. As long as you take a couple of minutes out of your morning before you start your workday to speak positivity over your life and the lives of others. Remember positive thoughts produce positive attitude which will result in a positive mind set.


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