• Tip 1: Brainstorm ideas of what type of business you want to start. Do you want to create a business that provide a services such as hairstylist, wedding planning, life coaching or products such as selling energy drinks, homemade desserts, organic products for your skin and hair, etc ?
  • Tip 2: Ask yourself the question: Do you want to go into business by yourself or with someone else? If are leaning towards going into business with someone. Think about this: Does this person have characteristics of being responsible, reliable, and accountable? What kind of skill set does this person holds that similar or different from yours?
  • Tip 3: If you thinking about going into business with your family, friend, colleague or spouse, it is wise to consult with an attorney to see if he or she will can create a legal contract between you, your business partners, and/or associates.
  • Tip 4: Is your business going to be for profit or non-profit? Do you know the differences between for profit or non profit? If you are having a hard time trying to figure out the differences between non profit and for profit go to your local small business center they can help you free of charge.
  • Tip 5: Make sure you register your business through the IRS and through your state Department of Treasury Division of Revenue. You can always consult with your accountant, business consultant, or attorney to help you through this process.

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