If you’re anything like me, you started 2016 with big goals. How did you feel about your year as 2016 came to a close? Along the way did you somehow get distracted or discouraged?

What will you manifest in 2017? Is it love, confidence, happiness, positivity?

Begin 2017 with clearer, calmer and happier thoughts.

Start focusing on the positive things in your life, big or small and start living in those feelings now! Once you start living those positive feelings, you’ll start attracting them into your life.

Create short term attainable goals. When you are clear on your goals and have a plan, everything in your life becomes so much easier.

You can learn about the up and coming fashion styles for the next seasons, but it’s more important to experience a new version of you. Make 2017 a transformative year!

Spring will be here before you know it. And if you’re wondering what are the biggest fashion trends of this spring…. I got you covered. It’s January and things already look very, very different. As we all know, fashion recycles itself, and while we haven’t seen flared pants over the past decade or so, wide-legged bottoms are making a comeback. While skinny cuts aren’t necessarily obsolete, designers have turned to bringing back bell bottoms and ruffled dresses; you can expect this trend to go the whole trickle down way.

Flare Bottoms

Slogan Tees

If you want to start planning and organizing your spring wardrobe, then you need to incorporate slogan tees. They can be worn with just about anything. You can dress them up or down and just about anyone can wear them. So go ahead and express yourself!


The New Sport

Put away your loose sweat pants and try the sexier take on sportswear.

The New One Shoulder

Reveal a shoulder or let your shirt slip off the shoulders. It’s the new reinvention of, “my top is falling off” look.


Vibrant Stripes/Patterns & Print

One of the season’s major fashion trends includes an eclectic mix of patterns that inject a fresh look into the spring season. Major trends are bold, bright, and brilliantly textured stripes — or the exact opposite. Long, flowy sheer and iridescent dresses are popping up in spring dresses for 2017. Midi cuts are becoming less modest and more modern. Longer hemlines no longer need to be associated with conservative dressing, and long skirts don’t always signify formal, red carpet looks anymore.



From splashes of sporty neon slogan tees and full sleeves to a shoulder reminiscent of your favorite ’80s dance flick, it’s the 2017 way to shine. Done in sequins, sheers and iridescence, the eighties fashions have officially returned!

Scene stealers rejoice!

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