unnamedBeautiful from the inside out.


Picture this: A beautiful house with bright, clean siding and nice, large windows with fancy window panes looking so inviting it’s almost as if they are beckoning you to enter. Lush trees decorate the well-manicured, Kelly-green lawn and flowers of every color dance along the stone path leading to the shining front door.
As you enter the house you notice a smell… no it’s more like a stench… You look around to see where it’s coming from. As your eyes scan the house you notice that the house is actually filthy. There is dust, built-up mess, and bugs everywhere. Your eyes finally fall on the main source of the offensive smell. It’s the kitchen garbage. Not only is it full but it’s over-flowing with rotting, toxic waste. As beautiful as the house may appear to be on the outside, this is no place anyone would want to live.

Now I want us to examine ourselves as many of us in this materialistic, greed driven, beloved country of ours. We put more money and thought into what goes on our bodies rather than what goes inside of our bodies. Are many of us similar to the beautifully decorated house that is rotting on the inside?

Think about yourself. How do you wish to present yourself? Well manicured? Decked out with the latest fashion designs? Shining from head to toe, right? If not, then I guess you’re better than me because I prefer to stay shining myself. If so? Then What about your temple? Do you know what’s going on inside of your body?

Our culture is so accustomed to consuming substances that merely appear to be food which we consume and is slowly killing us one meal at a time. This is usually due to deceptive advertising, the convenience factor, laziness, ignorance or all of the above. Even our fruits and vegetables that should be beneficial to us are sprayed with harmful chemicals which can reap havoc on people’s bodies. Our systems are not designed to digest highly processed, genetically altered foods; which is why many of us are walking around severely “backed up”, overweight, sluggish, and/or sick with God knows what.

We must be responsible consumers and take the time to look into what we are actually feeding ourselves and our families. What is the point of looking good if you’re sick and full of sh*t (literally)?

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In this season as summer comes to a close, we will be focusing on making better decisions with regard to our health so that we can be beautiful from the inside out. Spiritual, mental and physical health all go hand in hand and if you want to truly be “whole” you must not neglect your physical well-being.
Starting today I want to ask you all to drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) and try a detox. This is a great way to start your new healthy lifestyle. Here’s a simple detox recipe you can try in the morning. It works best if you drink it at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else besides water.

Morning Glory Detox
½ cup of room temperature water
½ boiling water
2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar (must be “from the Mother” try Bragg’s brand)
Juice from ½ a lemon
1-2 tbsp raw honey (you can find it at most grocery stores or online at Amazon)
… put it all together and you got fabulousity in a cup. As you diligently detox, in a couple of weeks you will start to see healthy weight loss, increase in energy and your skin will be clearer to name a few benefits. Make sure you drink plenty of water as you detox to help your body with flushing out all of the toxins.




Peace, love and health!

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