Alt TextHi, my name is Epole, Co-Editor in Chief of the fashion blog. I would like to invite you on this journey of Do-It-Yourself projects from clothing to shoes to home goods and much more. If done properly DIY’s are always fun and can save you money in your pocket. DIY’s gives me the freedom as a college student to be trendy and represent my own style; plus it teaches me how to be crafty. In this economy being crafty can actually be an advantage because if you can make items of good quality you can easily sell them and make a profit.
However, although DIY’s can be fun it definitely goes without saying that they can be stressful especially when you are doing it your first time. That is why you have me around and the rest of the many DIY YouTube videos to guide you. This portion of the blog is dedicated towards the individual who wants to learn new things and have fun expressing their style creatively. With written guide steps, pictures, videos and guest appearances I will show you how DIY is done.
Let’s see how these DIY’s turn out and better yet let’s see just how creative you can be!

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