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Have you ever wanted your shoes to have a pop of color on the bottom of your soles like the the Christian Louboutin red soles? Are you planning on saving to buy your own pair? Or do you want a pair but you know you can’t afford in the near future? Well, there is a DIY for that!

And no I’m not saying go grab a can of the brightest red paint you can find and start making a complete fool of yourself like this guy…seriously people!

 Alt Text

Anyway, the Christian Louboutin shoe is trademarked with the red sole, meaning once people see the sole they know you must be wearing a Louboutin. We want to replicate the look for less without the mess of paint of course. However, I can’t guarantee his engraved name and the made in Italy sign, that would be for advanced DIY students…

Alt Text

but we can get the same red sole look…

Alt Textchristian loubotin 3

With these 3 tools:

a. scissors or box cutter

b. red duck tape or any colorful duck tape of your choice

c. your favorite pair of heels

For a step by step tutorial (click on the link below) watch how beeisforbeeauty explains how to cut and apply the tape to your shoe. This is a very easy, low cost and no mess tutorial. Someone should have told the guy on top about this before he went ahead to buy a whole can of paint.

CAUTION: However, as tape can easily be worn out be careful to re apply whenever you notice the tape starting to peel off. This is just a temporary fix until you can afford the real deal. Make sure to have an answer ready once you start getting second glances at the bottom of your soles just in case someone is able to spot out that they are phony! Either way who cares you’re a DIY girl and you love the feeling of being original, crafty and resourceful so give it a try the next time you’re going out preferably somewhere with low lighting…just saying.

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