By: Ayasha J. Roberson, MAS, CSLC

I guess my last blog posting wasn’t my last one for the year, however, the old sayings goes Human Plans, but God laughs.

Literally it is the last Saturday of 2022, my spirit has been in the year of 2023 for the past three months even though I am physically still in 2022. I am so excited to discussed with you on this edition of SaturYourDay reflecting on 2022, what characteristics that goes with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, affirmations to use, and what to expect in 2023. However, before we get into this blog, shoutout to Capricorns who are celebrating their birthdays, I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Okay on December 21st, it was the first official day of winter with is marked as the longest night of the year, but the shortest day of the year. This day symbolizes the mark of death and rebirth of the Sun. It is the transformation period that we are entering a new season of change within our spiritual journey which connect our current experiences.  You might have heard of Yule Festival being used on social media which is a celebration of Winter Solstice. Most of us who celebrate either Christmas or Hanukkah have participated in this festival by decorating our homes or even office space with Christmas decoration or even participating in any holiday festivals. On this day, I slept entire day, and later that night I decided to go out for a walk with my notebook in hand to meditate and connect with the life force energy that surround me. I felted a sense of transformation, peace, clarity, happiness, and joy.

Two days later a new supermoon took place in Capricorn, this energy was very strong. For me it was a time to reflect to on my year and what intentions I want to continue to put out into the universe.  During the new moon, I believe I probably wrote 5 pages of intentions from front and back. Whatever came to into my spirit, I wrote it down on paper as I have already accomplished. It was an amazing experience, because usually I only write maybe a page or two. However, this time I felted like I wrote short book of my intentions.

            On the other hand, if you are reading this blog, you are doing a good job and you have made major accomplishments for yourself. Look how far you have grown spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. You have change in so many ways this year and it is for the better. However,  if you noticed you have gotten worse throughout this year and your motives are focused on making other people’s lives miserable because you are unhappy.  I will pray for you my sister and brother that God will take away all negativity, evilness, hurt, and pain that you feel towards others and even yourself. My prayer for you is that God will replace it with love, which will lead you to forgive yourself and open your heart to unconditional love and healing. It is not too late, and you can do it right now. Nobody must know; it is between you and God. I pray that you will get closure and healing in this part of your life.

Nevertheless, for those felted and enjoyed the energy of the powerful Supermoon that peak on December 23rd and 24th. I hope that you were able to write your healing and intention letters, and abundance checks. Remember when write your abundance checks store in a safe place where nobody will find or see it. This is goes for the same for your healing and intention letters. To learn more of how to write your healing and intention letters and abundance checks click onto the link

Since we are in the season of Capricorn, let’s embrace the energy of the season. Capricorns are hard workers and known for being work alcoholics like Virgos that’s why Capricorns and Virgos get along so well. Capricorns Element is Earth, Ruling Sign is the Saturn. If you knows anything about Astrology Saturn is the planet of authority, discipline, challenges, and lessons. The Mantra for this season I Use: The Mantra that you can say in Yang energy I use my voice, I use my talents, I use my boundaries, I use my skills, I use my creativity, and I use my power. It is all about power and ambition during this season which is heightened because we are in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. We all should be using this energy on a daily basic and we should have an  equal balanced of yang and yin energies. However, it westernize culture and societies isn’t designed to use this balance of energy instead it is design where if you are female, usually use more yin energy which is feminine and if you are a male usually use more yang which is masculine. However, times are some people who are truly healing on a psychospiritual level who have learned how to use balance of yin and yang energy into their lifestyle.

One of the most important things that I have mentioned this year on social media that you have study, practice, internalize, and emotionalize. This does not happen only once; this is something you must do daily. It is about discipline. While I was in the process of becoming a Spiritual Life Coach two years ago, our class was encouraged by our instructors to read the Self-Mastery Disciplinas every day for the first 90 days. I read it every day a next year.  Before I knew it the disciplinas  were programmed into my subconscious mind without me realizing it. Anything you want to achieve takes discipline, I encourage you start the season of Capricorn to study, practice, internalize, and emotionalize whatever you are desiring you change within your life.  

Let’s talk about the Love Signs in Capricorn

Capricorn is the polar opposite sign of Cancer. Polar opposite mean that their signs either can go well together or not. Meaning that Polar Opposite of any zodiac sign can completely love each other or completely can’t stand each other. On the other hand, Capricorn is an earth sign they tend to attract or fall in love with Virgos and Taurus. However, if you are married to Capricorn and you are not Virgo and Taurus doesn’t mean you aren’t met to be with the person. There are many  people who are married Capricorns who aren’t under the zodiac signs Virgo, Taurus, and Cancers and they have loving and healthy relationships.  If you are, congratulations and blessings to you.

As we end 2022, let’s focus on getting those blessings for the new year by saying the following affirmations:  Repeat after me Money comes easily frequently, money flows into your  life with ease, I am in the happy place, 2023 has brought me so much love, happiness, financial freedom, joy, good fortune, prosperity, wealth, abundance, peace, and harmony. I am so in tune with who I am as a person, and I am in the space of understanding who I am as continuing to heal through past childhood trauma, relationships, and experiences. I am loving this variation of my life and trusting that the universe will continue to lead me down the path of least resistance. I am on the right the path to discovering my true authentic self. I am helping others to trust that all things have worked for them. I am enjoying these new experiences  with love, laughter, fun, happiness, and joy. I am living so abundantly and freely. I am loving the life that universe has given to me, and I continue to travel around through this multi-universe feeling tap in and tune into my higher self.

When saying this affirmation, you must feel like all these things are happening and use an equal amount of yang and yin energy to speak what you desire into your life. Your life has altered for the better and you have ascended into a higher frequency than what you were in before. If you can’t feel what I am saying, that’s just mean that you are not ready to receive this message because you have some more growing to do and hopefully by the end of 2023 you will be able to come to this article and receive it. I believe by the end of  2023;  you will feel differently and will be able to relate to this message of psychospiritual level.

If you noticed I wrote the affirmations like we are already in 2023, like I said at the very beginning my spirit is already in the year of 2023. It is having been a great year for me as continue to heal myself on psychospiritual level. Again 2022 equals the number of 6 which is of self-love, healing, and protection. It has been a transformative year for me as I have evolved greatly on these levels of my life, and I believe you have too.

2023 is the year equals 7. 7 is the number of completion. Obstacles you have been going through for the past 7 years it will be completed in 2023 very quickly for some and for others it might take towards the end of 2023 to see and feel that those obstacles of the past are completed.  There is no need to rush with completing tasks, just let go and let God as the saying goes. There is no worries, just go with the feel-good vibrational energy. Flow with that energy and Rock with it, tape into your inner be-ing and continue to enjoy the ride.

Mercury Retrograde starts on December 29th thru January 18th. Mercury is the planet of communication and logic, this mercury retrograde is a period to take things to the next level. It is a good time to tied up loss ends and make peace with the past, which is a great time to do since we are entering a new year. I love mercury retrogrades and I am looking forward to each retrograde that we will have throughout 2023. Mercury will go direct which means it will end of January 18th, which right before we enter Aquarius Season. You should start to feel the energy  of the Mercury Retrograde coming to an end. You will be ready to dive into your new creative project filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

What can you do to bring in the New Year?

You can create your wish cones all things you want to write down on paper what you want to manifest in 2023, You can purchase pinecones from the store, or you can simply go outside use that pinecone as your wishing pinecone. If the pinecone has been laying on snowing or siting in  moisture outside for an extended period, then you will have to wait to use it. The pinecone must be completely dry to use as your wishing pinecone. You will write on short pieces of paper and place it into each section of your wishing pinecone. You can place your wishing pinecone into a safe place where nobody will find it. Here an example my wishing pinecone.

On January 1st, you can blow ground cinnamon into your doorway so you can receive an abundance of money or check with your name on it with large amount of money or both.

Also tie cinnamon sticks onto your Christmas Tree to help attract and usher in prosperity for the New Year. Here’s a picture below

Finally, the first Full Moon of the new year will take place on Friday, January 6th . This will be known as the Wolf Moon. Burn your intention and healing letters safely. I usually burn my intention and healing letters outdoors, which has helped raise the vibrational energy of my neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

Well, that it is for the SaturYourDay Blog and thank you so much reading it.  I am looking forward to writing my next edition of SaturYourDay in the new year. If you like to hire me as your Spiritual Life Coach and Color Therapist, please email me

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