By: Ayasha Roberson, MAS, CSLC

I am so excited that God has blessed and allowed me to see the end of 2022. It has been a magical year of healing, growth, transformation, and self-love. I have allowed myself to go with the flow of life and to be happy with where I am. For instance, at the beginning of the year, I had set several goals to complete in the first 6 months of 2022. Even though that hasn’t happened yet, it’s fine. I have learned this year to go with the flow of life and not force things that aren’t ready to prosper. It is like a plant; it starts off small, but with divine timing and properly caring for my plants they have grown stronger, heavier, and taller. It is because I have taken my taken time to allow the plant to grow in its own timing.

This is the same approach that I take with my life. It’s okay that things may take longer than what I expected because everything will work out in the exactly right time and space. I truly feel that everything that I believe and truly desire has already been manifested in the spiritual plane. I patiently wait for the universe to turn those desires into physical rewards. One of the things I have been working on for the past several years is learning to have patience and be happy with where I am. I can finally say in 2022, I am happy where I am and patiently going with the flow of life.

Entering a new chapter of my spiritual and emotional growth has been a smooth transition for me. Once I released control and allowed God to fully take control of my life, my life has been stress-free and sweeter. I spent plenty of time this year being grateful and thankful for what I have — and complained less. In addition, I spent a lot of time healing and loving myself, using the words I AM which creates that the life that I desire to manifest. Using the I AM created a shift in my life, opening my life to new opportunities, blessings, and miracles, which has been extremely rewarding. The universe has given me a sense of peacefulness and happiness that I can’t explain. There is a wonderful change that I can feel, taste, touch, and see.  I know that we have 8 more weeks to go until the end of the 2022. But I felt that right now was the perfect time to share my spiritual and emotional growth for the year.

November, the 11th of month of this year, is in the sign of Scorpio. The number 11 is a power number that helps us get through the hardship and darkness. We know we have the time change starting on Sunday, November 6th where our days are shorter. You already noticed at 6:30 am that it is still dark outside. Most people have a harder time transitioning from short periods of light to longer period of darkness. It affects not only our minds and bodies, but our emotions too. People tends to feel increasingly more depressed; the suicide rates increase in the winter months, for example.

However, on a more positive note, it is also a good time for what is called “shadow work.” Shadow work is working with the subconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you have minimize, denied, and repressed. Shadow work helps us to heal ourselves on a psycho spiritual level for a permanent behavior change that benefits our overall well-being. In this Scorpio season, make a commitment to start your psycho-spiritual journey. You are not making this commitment to anybody other than yourself. It is just you and the universe.  Once you make this commitment, start with either finding a therapist or holistic practitioner to help you start journey to finding your true authentic self.

Throughout the month of November and Scorpio Season you will experience the transformation process and feel like you are shedding your old self into your new self. Now some of you may have already felt the beginning of your transformation process under the partial eclipse/new moon on October 25th. However, you may have started to feel this shedding of your old self on November 1st. which in numerology represents the 111 portal. On this day, you may have felt your spirit enter a new chapter where manifestations are achieved and intuition is heightened.

As we prepare for a full moon/total eclipse on Tuesday, November 8th, you will experience the completion of the transformation process of becoming your new self. This will be your new year celebration as celebrate your life and the new light within you. You will start to feel greatly at ease and happier about life. This is your rebirthing that you will experience that will lead you to discover your true authentic self. As you continue, go into deep into your unconscious mind to unlock hidden emotional pain, trauma, and painful experiences. As you go through this transformation period, continue to ground yourself through meditation, prayer, journaling, and yoga.

The full moon on November 8th is going to be intense. However, by grounding yourself it will keep you centered and focused so you can experience a smooth transition into your new beginning. I hope that this today’s article has empowered you and will help you gain insight of the transformation, shadow work, and rebirth process during the season of Scorpio. In addition, I hope that reading my reflections of 2022 will motivate you keep loving yourself and finding peace with where universe has placed you.

Please keep these dates in November: On Friday November 11th, which in numerology is 1111 portal, or the manifestation portal (It’s also Veteran’s Day – thank you for your service to all the Veterans). On this day, all your desires will manifest and multiply 10 times. Everything that you have been manifesting in your vortex will manifest into material means on November 11th. The key is believing whatever you desire and claiming it as if you already have it. Keep on telling yourself, I am a conscious creator, I am a billionaire, I am an attorney, I am a spiritual be-ing living a human experience. Of course, make sure you use that yang energy to claim what is already yours. In addition, keep in mind November 22nd, as Sagittarius Season starts on the following day November 23rd. We will enter a new moon so it’s time to write your healing /intention letter and abundance check. For more information how to write these letters and checks visit:

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