The Updraft Imperative have been overwhelmed by the response worldwide to their most recent single release, ‘I Believe’. Since the release in February this year, the music video has received over 800 YouTube views, and over 40 stations worldwide have added the single to playlists.

The band featured as Hit Pick on Australia’s Hot 25 Countdown hosted by Liam Renton. Being the ‘home’ chart this was an immense privilege to the boys and they were delighted to spend 10 weeks in the chart, peaking at No13.

Lyricist and vocalist Josh Kerr says; “I Believe is a song that talks about God’s sufficiency and His grace, but also my lack of conviction at times. Too often, acting out of selfishness instead of service. It’s a song that reminds me to let the truth that I know be clear in my own mind and clear to others by my life.
….Let everything in me shout I BELIEVE!

Taken from the debut album Chair (recorded and produced by James North), I Believe will be accompanied by a music video also due for release on 16th February 2014.

The band are offering fans of their music an exclusive opportunity to view the video ahead of the release date, simply by joining their mailing list via their website

The Updraft Imperative are far from the stereotypical Christian band. Through their unique and skilful musicianship and use of strong, challenging lyrics they create a sound that is honest in its intent yet still able to draw the listener in, regardless of religious belief. The result is a rare breed of music which has become as well received within the secular radio station network as in the more traditional Gospel networks – a statement evidenced by their last single reaching No15 in Australia’s Hot 25 Countdown (Gospel) in 2014 and the band reaching No1 in the Sunset Island Music Worldwide Unsigned Band Chart (Secular) in January 2015.

A recent reviewer described their music as; “…an irresistible sound which sends good vibes through your body. The lyrics also give off an undisputable warming feeling that is acquired regardless of beliefs as the warming thought of someone being there for you and the emotive, meaningful way they express this reminds you that in the harsh world we live in, there is still an emotional power to be observed.”





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