By Ayasha Roberson

There are two ways that you can process your life through your intuitive heart (feelings) or through your intellect ego mind. I believe that processing your life by FIRST using your intuitive heart is extremely important because it allows you to draw upon your connection with infinite wisdom. After you feel emotionally centered and you can feel what it is you want to do (or not do), then you can process it through your intellectual mind.

You can visualize the two ways of processing your life using this illustration. Your ego mind is like a small desktop computer. It’s a defensive, fear-based system designed to protect you by recording any stimuli that has caused you pain in your past. Its primary function is survival. It’s a system that uses language of WORDS as its energy source.

Your spirit is also like a computer, but it’s as big as a 100 story building. It’s a love-based system, designed for growth, empowerment, creation, mastery, and unity. It’s a system that uses the language of FEELINGS as its energy source.

By first processing your life through the Language of Feelings, you are allowing your heart to feel, from a place of infinite wisdom, love, and compassion, what your Spirit is trying to communicate to you. But, when you process your life through your ego mind first, you are using a fear based system, which was designed to help you safe at all costs meaning, it’s a defensive system that will try to defend and protect you using ego with any evidence that you need to keep you safe from anything or anyone that it perceives might cause you harm.

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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