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USL Life Coaching

Our role as a life coach is to help individuals develop a plan that will empower them to achieve their personal, professional and educational goals. We understand that sometimes it is very frustrating and confusing to not know where to start or how to begin your journey but from strategic planning and small goal accomplishments we can get you closer to your success. Let us help you get started. By adapting the plan to your current lifestyle we can work with you and your schedule, however, as with any new task we will also expect you to change certain lifestyles habits that may no longer be serving you positively. Take a look at how we strive to accomplish this:

  1. 1.     The S.M.A.R.T way

We specifically focus on SMART Goals (S = Specific M= Measurable A= Attainable R= Realistic T= Timely) as a format for setting objectives towards your goals. SMART goal planning is essential in strengthening your goal and decision making skills before you dive yourself into making huge life decisions.

  1. 2.     Google Plus as our means for communication

With the use of social media mediums such as Google Plus we will be able to accommodate your lifestyle by being accessible online instead; right in the comfort and privacy of the location of your choice.

  1. 3.     Journal, Guide Sheet and Written Statements

One of the best ways to keep on track of your journey is to write a journal. Journaling allows you to put your conflicting thoughts, interests and dreams on paper and see how these things can be attained. The guide sheets will help you organize your thoughts and the next milestones to be accomplished along the way. Written statements are your intentions you have for yourself for a time period which you follow through.

Who can benefit from life coaching?

Anyone! Anyone can use the services of life-coaching since it is a practical and simple method of teaching you new skill sets to get towards your desired goal. From college students who want to get a head start on knowing exactly they want from life and learning the new skill sets towards achieving them, from professional men and women looking for a career change or looking for a more enriched personal life to the elderly who want to stay youthful by learning the skills it takes for becoming more alive and energetic. Whatever your goals are one must always have a flexible plan towards achieving the goal while being able to enjoy the journey through the challenges.

What to expect from these services?

Urban Socialites offers life coaching to individuals with the following:

  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Planning — business, career and life
  • Blasting through blocks and fears
  • Clearing clutter
  • Financial security and independence
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Making an important life transition
  • Starting a business
  • Growing a business
  • Living an ideal life
  • Identifying core values and passions
  • Fulfilling personal and emotional needs
  • Getting organized
  • Making more money
  • Having loads more time to enjoy life
  • Playing, having adventures, and a lot more fun!
  • And much, much more…

Life Coaching Package Deals

5 sessions = $1,250

10 sessions = $2,500 5% saving of $125 You pay $2, 375

20 sessions = $5,000 10% savings of $500 You pay $4,500

You have to be 18 years old or order to obtain life coaching services through Urban Socialites, LLC.

Your coach will meet with you once a week 30 minutes to 1 hour to discuss your life plans and goals. Life Coaching sessions are done through google plus, if you don’t have a google plus account please go to gmail.com and create an account so we can empower you to successfully obtain your professional and personal goals.

There is a $25 application fee that is not associated with life coaching package deal. $25 fee is to pay before we start our one to one session with the potential client.

All money paid to Life Coach is non-refundable! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 732-510-0979.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!


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