Each generation in Rap Music has one, a group of inimitable emcees which come along with the potential to one day be considered “Super”. It’s impossible to see it from the ground. But the moment that group begins to ascend, suddenly everyone along for the ride become Monday Morning Quarterbacks.

L.O. Gang , an American Rap group from Trenton, New Jersey (once a Rap Mecca in the late 80’s) isn’t the “Cut & Paste” gathering of emcees the industry has grown accustomed to seeing over the past 5 years. L.O. Gang is a technical blend of Northeast Urban Content combined with a splash of Dirty South Delivery. Their musical influences will take you back to an era in Rap when having a good time and attention to content worked hand in hand.

The group comprises of Davone “Eldee” Cooper, Kashon “Skrilla Baby” Cooper , Justin “J-Ski” Edwards , and Rashad “Shadi Ahki” Muneer. Each member is a vital piece to the L.O. Gang brand. And there’s no better place to witness their increasing movement than through live performances. L.O. Gang has a knack for the “Anthem” record, reminiscent to the Pioneers of the Anthem record, Naughty by Nature. The proof is in the music.

In 2012, L.O. Gang released their first mixtape “Back 2 Business” hosted by DJ Alamo and DJ Isis. ‘Back 2 Business’ is 12 tracks of L.O. Gang on full display. Anthems like ‘Bottles to the Morn’ and ‘Got Em’ are instant crowd pleasers. While songs like ‘Fall in Love’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘She Wants’ caters to their female fans. On August 10, 2012, G24/7 Entertainment (Grind 24/7 Entertainment) was established. Through this venture, L.O. Gang will release music and merchandise.

L.O. Gang Back Story 
Eldee and Skrilla Baby are brothers. They’re extremely close and business minded. Back in 2001, barely teenagers, their mutual dreams of becoming successful recording artists led to the construction of their first group “T-Squad”. 2005 brought on a change in approach and the group roster. Eldee and Skrilla Baby deconstructed T-Squad, and with the addition of J-Ski, formed “Lockdown”. A few months later, Shadi Ahki, whom they’ve met in Junior High School, rounded out the group.
In 2006, Lockdown released their first album “The Key to the Game”. And in 2008, released their first mixtape ‘Trenton Swagg” hosted by DJ Big Jae.

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