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Smashing out power anthems and gritty rock tunes, alt grunge rockers Kath & The Kicks from Leeds have received plaudits from the likes of Louder than War and Radio X. 

Recognised as a blistering live act, the band deliver a ‘stunning set with the tightest of musicians anywhere on the scene – punk rock at its finest’ from this power trio. 

Fronted by Kath Edmonds, the band has been creeping through on the UK live music scene since 2017 with Matt Larkin on drums and recently joined by Tony Harrison on bass. 

Having just released their new single ‘Stay Away from Me’, they look to cement themselves as one of the UK’s most enthralling acts, both live and in the studio. 

Finishing off 2022, Kath & The Kicks will be playing at Vortex in Wakefield on the 9th of December, headlining at Bradford’s high quality rock venue Nightrain on the 16th of December and the final chance to catch them live will be at Zeros Bar’s ‘Rock, Punk and Goth Sundays’ in Stalybridge on the 18th December. 

Due to the success of ‘Stay Away from Me’ the band will be returning to work with top recording studio Greenmount Studios in Leeds to record their next single in the New Year. 


‘Filthy garage rock meets Jack White; a blistering combination.’ – Louder Than War

‘Pure guitar and vocal energy from Kath, never waning for the whole set, bass, and drums thick and fast throughout. This is punk rock at its finest, without doubt, one my favourite bands, musically and visually. Stunning set with the tightest of musicians anywhere on the scene. Never tire of seeing these and will see them soon again.’ – The Last Stop Sounds – Outpost, Liverpool

‘Leeds trio Kath & The Kicks have honed an intriguing sound that packs the power of alternative and grunge. Led by delicious, engaging vocals and supported by heavy riffs, there’s also a more melodic edge to the band that’s sure to have you hooked.’ – Gig Radar

‘The band are playing their hearts out with their souls on their sleeves. This rocks, it rocks big time.’ – Local Sound Focus (on ‘Stay Away from Me’)

‘Finger snapping, foot-tapping and head-banging energy delivered with a robust passion; Kath & The Kicks deliver a memorable track here.’ – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (on ‘Stay Away from Me’)

About the single:

“In ‘Stay Away from Me’ we are the voice that has been suppressed in your mind, giving power to your reality. As a singular, we can feel vulnerable to the force of group mentality. But by challenging, we can confront; we do not have to remain silently passive. The song represents ownership over who you are and who you choose to have around you; an acknowledgement of the power of influence.” – Kath

Band members, instruments played and location:

Kath Edmonds – Vocals and Guitar – from Leeds

Matt Larkin – Drums – from Wakefield

Tony Harrison – Bass – from Leeds

Musical influences

Skunk Anansie

Faith No More 

Deap Vally

Joan Jett


For Fans Of:

Power rock and alternative music, heavy and accessible 

In their own words:

Kath & The Kicks are true rockers, skilled players and committed to the nature of what making rock music is all about. They are real, gritty and capture the rock n roll inside of us all… loud, precise and enticing.

Live gigs

9th December 2022 – Vortex, Wakefield

16th December 2022 – Headline show at Bradford Nightrain

18th December 2022 – Zeros Bar, Stalybridge ‘Rock, Punk and Goth Sundays








Amazing Radio: 


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VIDEO for ‘Stay Away from Me’: 

I hope you like the track and can play it.

Please let me know if you can or if you need any further information.  

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great evening!

Thanks a lot

Emma Scott


Song info:

Recorded – early 2021

Alt rock

Composer – Kath & The Kicks

Ditto Music

Label – Kath & The Kicks Records

ISRC: UKXN22251058


When they come, I’ll be waiting, 

now I know what they think of me. 

I feel their eyes, they are burning, 

turn around it is time to face me. 

Turnaround it is time to face me on your own, 

I see you for what you are. 

All along I was nothing, 

in your mind I’m a servant but I’m free. 

How can I accept this ruling? 

Who are you to make a judgement over me. 

Leave me alone, you’re a liar stay away from me.

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