Welcome to the month of August. It is now Leo Season. We want to connect to the energy of Leo, which is all about finding self-confidence, making moves, having willpower, and executing your goals. Many people struggle with self-confidence, and they’re unable to tap into this energy because their emotions affect the way they feel about themselves. Today, I will provide you with three quick steps to help you build the self-confidence you need to accomplish any goal.

Step 1 : “Dis-create” the way you feel

How you see yourself is crucial. If you have poor self-confidence and self-esteem, you will always question your ability to accomplish any goals. You must start dedicating time to yourself. Start by asking yourself a few brief questions: How do I see myself? What or who stops me from accomplishing my goals? What thoughts come into my mind that prevent me from starting a task or completing a task?

Once you answer these questions, then you will need to be ready to start working on your damaged inner child wounds. How do you this? By seeking out a professional counselor or holistic practitioner, who can help you heal from the painful experiences that prevented you from developing the self-confidence needed to accomplish your goals. With this type of healing, do not give yourself a timeline. It often takes an extended amount of time to heal, so don’t be hard on yourself. Take your time; be consistent and accountable throughout your healing process.

Step 2: Change the way you think

 Did you know that your feelings are connected to your thoughts? If you change the way you feel about yourself, then you will automatically change the way you think about yourself and life. Steps 1 and 2 will take time to accomplish. Don’t rush through the process. Be consistent and go at your own pace.

The Law of Attraction says that what we think is what we create — and that is what we attract. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we create our lives based on what we think. I always tell my clients during sessions, seminars, or workshops that you must be aware of your thoughts, especially if you are dealing with a stressful situation. I always recommend listening to recordings from Abraham Hicks on the Laws of Attraction, especially during your commute to school or work. These will help you maintain a positive thought process even if you aren’t in a good vibrational mood.

Step 3:  Manifestation, or speaking into existence

I am huge believer in manifestation. When you journal, be sure to write what you desire in the present tense like you already have it. My own example of what I write: I am a wife, a mother, and a powerful, conscious creator. Writing this down is changing the way I feel about myself and life. It also helps me develop better self-confidence.

Start with writing a manifestation letter about your life. For example: My name is Ayasha Roberson, I am live a very amazing life with my husband and children. The Universe has granted me everything that I desire, and I am so thankful being able to live in beautiful world filled with light, love, happiness, peace, wealth, success, good fortune, and joy.

Notice how I started writing this letter:

 1. By feeling good about myself

 2. Thinking Positively

 3. Writing the letter as if I have already achieved this goal.

Next, put this manifestation letter underneath your pillow and read it every night before you go to bed. Don’t let anyone else know or see your manifestation letter, only yourself and the universe. Keep it to yourself. If you live with other people, you can take the letter from underneath pillow and hide it somewhere in your room, then put it back underneath your pillow when it is time to go to sleep. By reading this letter every night you will building your self-confidence and before you know it, you will start to attract and become what you manifest in your letter. Write your manifestation letter today!

Remember we live in a feeling universe so you must feel good about yourself for Step 1 and 2 to work for you. And don’t forget, you can’t finish Step 3 unless you have completed Steps 1 and 2.

I am confident that today’s three short steps will help you build self-confidence during Leo Season. My hope is that this blog will help you develop the self-confidence that you need to overcome whatever fears and worries that are stopping you from manifesting the life you desire to live.

Also, this Monday, August 8 (8/8), or Lions Gate peak, creates a powerful manifestation portal of energy which is potent for manifesting. Eight is the number of new beginnings and is known as the powerhouse number as it bridges the gap of the material and spiritual realms. It is also the number of power and wealth.

 Finally, the next full moon is on Thursday, August 11. Make sure you safely burn your healing and intention letters. Positively release whatever doesn’t serve you or anybody and invite in positive thoughts that will manifest great blessings that are in store for you.

Thank you for reading and may the universe bless you exceedingly and abundantly.

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