By Ayasha Roberson

Many of the following manifestation will show up as you begin to train your Ego-Mind to obey your Self. Read them thoroughly and review them regularly. Please note that the seven ego manifestation are normal, natural, and necessary response, especially if you are just beginning your journey home to your…Self.

Experiencing One or More of the Following Manifestations is Proof That Your Self-Mastery Process is Working.

  1. An Increase in Old, Dysfunctional Behaviors. Remember your Ego-Mind has been in control for many years, so transcending your ego defenses is like trying to take a banana away from a hungry 800 pound gorilla. It doesn’t want to let go because it thinks that surrendering to your higher Self isn’t safe! It feels vulnerable and unprotected.
  2. Distinguishable Amounts of Yelling, Crying, Talking Excessive Activity, Physical Ailments, or Illness. This is the Ego-Mind attempting to reject your Self-Mastery process by keeping your attention from what you are trying to accomplish spiritually. It is distracting you from focusing on the REAL issues that you need to feel, surface, and heal.
  3. Feeling of Depression, Anxiety, Numbness, Dissociation, Being “Zoned Out” . All designed to block your new incoming like-force energy, which threatens the Ego-Mind’s survival and prevents you from experiencing your intuitive feelings.
  4. An Increase In Compulsive Behaviors Such As Alcohol, Drugs, Sex Food, & TV Watching. All designed to distract you from feeling and viewing the unconscious issues and feelings that you have repressed. Remember when you refuse to see and feel, you can’t heal.
  5. Feelings of Confusion, Uneasiness. All are responses to your negative fixed belief system being questioned. Mental “chaos” is a natural process that you will experience before major core-level changes can take place.
  6. Feelings of Anger, Hatred, or Resentment. When you unconsciously direct these feelings towards your family, friends, counselor, or Self-mastery coach, psychologists call this “projectional transference.” You will transfer your negative feelings onto someone else if your mind thinks that they are the cause of your pain. This allows you to avoid feeling what you’re really feeling, It stops you from surfacing what you have repressed, which stops you from healing. In this way you avoid taking full responsibility for your feelings and for creating the life you are now living. Remember that when you block feeling your healing feelings and you hold them in eventually your emotional resistance will transmute into emotional blocks such as blame, depression, and guilt.
  7. Justifications and Rationalizations. Justifications and rationalizations are excuses that make you believe that your Self-mastery Process will not work. Your mind does this putting it down making your coach wrong, denying its value or rationalizing it away. It’s a last-ditch effort of your Ego-Mind to preserve your old, negative fixed belief system.

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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