Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues-Rock, Grunge-Rock, Heavy-Rock….  They prefer to say they make their own brand of Rock… But it is Rock….

FOXER released their self titled first EP back in 2016 to generous reviews and a healthy amount of radio play.  

They were a band built on the live experience and their slick performances, captivating anyone in earshot of the stage. 

The single  ‘Slingshot’ was duly put out in 2018 again with local BBC support and the gigs kept coming…

But 2019 brought a different story, the band all but split in the summer mid preparations for the debut album.

Front man Chris Peace was left alone and with a dilemma, was it over?     What to do with the dozens of newly written songs that had been poured over? The years of hard work put into the band, the gigs and the name that was well known locally… An all too familiar story for many bands.

After months of soul searching Chris decided it was all or nothing and recruited razor sharp musician friends Tom Wells on bass and recording/producing duties (FastTrains, Kassassin Street) and Adrian Gill (Rufus Stone, not-Foo Fighters) on drums, to give the band the huge boost in talent and musicianship it deserved. 

The first result of which will have its official release on October 18th and is called ‘Don’t Leave a Scar’.

It will be the opening track on debut album ‘The Throwaways’ that is pencilled for release early 2020.

A new chapter for the band lays ahead, the new line up are hungry to road test the debut album and show FOXER is stronger and fitter than ever, and ready to rock…

Info on the album:

The Throwaways, an album of observations…

Our society is a throw-away one, if something breaks it gets immediately chucked out and forgotten about quicker than the decision to buy into it took in the first place.

This goes for a lot of things, not just physical items.. People aren’t given a chance to fix themselves before they get cast out of a job, class, social circle, friendship or relationship.

Expectations are high and if you don’t reach the criteria or aren’t a perfect fit then sorry, you can’t come in. Instead of finding a place for objects or people that just need some love and care we want that burden gone.

Often things are destined for the bin of life before they can begin, sometimes on purpose for financial, social or physical gain.

We can be so distracted by one thing we throw out things by mistake, not realising or seeing what we have done before it’s too late.

This album is for the outcasts, the misfits, the rejects, the pushed aside and the forgotten…

We are thrown out of life every day,

We are the throwaways..




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