By Ayasha Roberson

As a Conscious Creator you know that there is an infinite amount of energy and information present to create your aspirations. As a child of God you must now focus your mastery powers of Intention and Attention on “walking the talk” by self-actualizing your life commitments.

Creation is the final stage of your spiritual evolution. It happens when you can create anything that you desire, at will because your WORD has become LAW within the Universe. At this stage you are no longer restricted by unconscious, negative fixed belief patterns. When your Word is Law unto you, you believe in the strength of your own reality, and in so doing you materialize whatever you want in life. To experience your Word as Law you must begin to act and speak in a measured way. Often we tend to blurt out a promise or an idea with little or no INTENTION of actualizing it into physical reality. You need to experience your Word as Law in the Universe; as you do you’ll begin to actualize your Power. You can use this Power not only your life, but the lives of others and the world around you.

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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