Born in Kingston, JA, the country known for leaving its footprints all over the world with its sweet sounds of Reggae, the multi-talented international artist Karian Sang emerged. Starting to sing at a young age, she quickly discovered that her Jamaican ancestry blessed her with rhythm and a beautiful voice attracted to all genres of music from R&B, Rap, and Dancehall to Alternative Rock, Karian has the ability to execute each naturally but chooses to be branded a pop singer.

Top 40 radio stations across Canada. In 2010 the second single “Ma Jam” was also added to radio and TV (Much Music/Much Vibe). April 2011 Karian Sang won her five WRCMA Awards. Currently traveling all over the world, Karian Sang has created a buzz for herself. With her first major single “Take It” feat. Mavado, Worldwide Reggae superstar currently signed with DJ Khalid’s “We The Best” record label, Karian Sang and Mavado’s “Take It” made history by being the first song from artists of the Caribbean to be premiered on Billboard! Also nominate Karian Sang’s first single “So Insane” was added to video of the year at the M.O.B. Awards, in addition to being shown on a worldwide platform in front of masses, being #1 on several charts local and internationally. Since then Karian has released 3 mixtapes that have done extraordinary in ratings represented by a phenomenal work ethic and unique sound collaborating with several well-known, Grammy winning and nominated producers and artist featuring’s.

Karian has also been pulled in to the acting world due to the daring director Jeremy Whittaker spotting the ability in the talented singer and making Karian Sang his captivating lead actress playing the role of “Lisa Pullen” in his newest film “Destiny”, which also stars artist Christopher Martin. Karian Sang also has been collaborating with a few of Jamaica’s top producers such as Clive Hunt, Sly and Robbie, creating one of the songs off the movie’s soundtrack called “If U Want It” which has been written and sung by Karian.

Karian has also been trying to make time for her fans/assassins by traveling the world in between shoots to perform in such places such as Cayman, Switzerland, Mexico, Jamaica, U.S. and Canada. Now working on many more projects with production collaborations that include producers such as Fuimi, Troyton Hinds, Sean Klassic, Pay attention, High Volume, Ice Music Media, Supreme, Epic Jones, and Blackout the future is bright for this rapidly rising star.


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