Cartoonist/creator, Richard Sirgiovanni announces the launch of the next big thing in kid’s entertainment with his animated rock n roll TV show called The Grimps.

Meet The Grimps: A band cursed for eternity to be cool, irrepressible rock stars at night then transform back to hairy, scary little creatures at sunrise – can they break the spell before the paparazzi finds out?

In making the announcement, Sirgiovanni said “I’m thrilled to be able to present family entertainment with a magical storyline along with fun and re-introducing rock n roll to kids”

The show takes place in present time and features Winston, Mac, Emerson and Moonie or better known to their fans as The Grimps. What their fans don’t know is that these four chaps were cursed by an evil wizard 500 years ago to become hairy, scary little creatures. Their buddy, Magic Alex was also cursed right along with them and is determined to crack the evil wizards curse and it takes 500 years to find a spell that does it…. But only half way with all of them becoming humans by night and changing back to creatures by day.

Each episode will feature an original song by The Grimps, reflecting the positive theme in the episode.

Sirgiovanni has partnered with two highly recognized people from the music industry. Ron Alexenburg,  former President of CBS Records who signed & worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Boston, Meatloaf and more.

And Tony Bongiovi, who produced for The Ramones, Talking Heads and more. Tony will be producing the music of The Grimps.

Several new original songs have been recorded and produced by Tony Bongiovi for upcoming episodes as well as the shows theme song, “We’re The Grimps” written by Ron Dante and Freddie Cannon.

Aside from the animated show The Grimps have plans to hit the stage with live concert events. Bongiovi discovered an established band of four young musicians  ages 10 to 12 years old who will be taking the live show on the road as The Grimps. All accomplished musicians at a young age, The Grimps are something you won’t believe until you hear them and see them yourself.

Alexenburg, Bongiovi and Sirgiovanni are currently shopping a television network and music distribution development deal.


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