It’s a Mother and Son Rap Thing”

Carnel AKA Niceemcee Rap Artist, Ascap Affiliate Song Writer & Producer, Freelance Photographer and Videographer teamed up with his Mother Rhodina Moore AKA (Simply Rhodina) Vocalist “Ascap Affiliate Song writer” and co Wrote & Produced the song “Somebody Lied to Me” which was a dream that his mother had one day that came to reality Rhodina Moore & Carnel went to Bloomfield College together in Bloomfield NJ Where Rhodina Focused on Music and Carnel Focused on Creative Arts & Technology /Digital Video both Collaborated on projects and Carnel performed at her Capstone Project which led to more projects. They also worked together on “It’s Party Time” and more songs to come. Niceemcee had an interest in music growing up and watching his mother perform. Listening to Nas and Jay-z, and watching video music box with DJ Ralph McDaniels, inspired him to want to rap and shoot music videos.

Rhodina Moore is a Stradivarius violinist she began playing the violin and clarinet and joined the school orchestra jazz band, marching band. And the national guard for a day band popular; she would sometimes perform at weddings funerals and different places in a In 1983 at the age of 24, she sang at NJ congressmen home parties Newly elected county executives victory galas and her voice was used for the campaign music that help Mayor Sharpe James of Newark was elected to his first term. When she was 15 years old, Rhodina began training her own voice by tuning her vocal tones to that of a violin and later studied voice self defense with Vince Denato of Teaneck NJ and musician survival with re known Duke Anderson .a prominent black composer and pianist. Shortly thereafter, Called upon by the top black executives of the New York Chapter Black Music Association (BMA) the music industry to represent the local musical voices to help stop apartheid. After spending 12 years with local musicians and keeping her musicians employed 7 nights a week and was a winner at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York City.



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