Rising independent artist Sharon Musgrave released her latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘Who In The World.’ Released via Zosar Music and produced by Evolute, the track elegantly combines an array of influences, including soul and R&B. It will be available worldwide on all major digital distributors. (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. It will not stream.)

While she is intently working on her senior studio effort, Musgrave is determined to provide her fans a more regular stream of quality music with new singles. Her musical career has been afoot since 1986, resulting in an impressive catalog of singles, albums, videos, and live performances.

‘Who In The World’ is Musgrave’s first collaboration with Evolute, a talented young producer from Portugal. The creative process between Musgrave and Evolute stemmed from the latter contacting the vocalist years ago to collaborate. Now in 2016, the two have collided in harmony to produce the suave new single.

“To collaborate with other artists is exciting, especially when they’re such beautiful people like young Evolute,” says Musgrave. “He is fresh, young, and should have a great future ahead of him.”

‘Who In The World’ is different that previous tracks or albums Musgrave has released. This is largely due to Evolute’s flair on the track. It’s also indicative of Musgrave’s ability to transcend genre and expectation. She is open to exploring new sonic pastures and ‘Who In The World’ is indicative of her continuing to grow as an artist.

Zosar Music is an independent label that acts as the vehicle for Musgrave’s music. At fifteen years old, the label is a grassroots pursuit fueled by passion for the music, uninhibited by corporate greed or executives. Despite its small footprint, Zosar has earned significant success, snagging nominations at the Canadian Urban Music Awards and a spot on the Bravo music charts.

Since Zosar Music is a relatively small outlet, the company is turning to modern crowdsourcing to continue to create compelling content. Fans of Zosar Music can purchase the songs on their favorite outlet, donate on the website, or simply help spread the word. Supporting Zosar not only funds creations like ‘Who In The World,’ but it promotes quality, conscious, well thought-out music.

Fans can connect with Musgrave on her website and social media, which can be found below. ‘Who In The World’ was released Thursday, March 31 on all digital download platforms.

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