Jerome Clayton A.K.A J.R is a singer, songwriter, producer, and drummer who was born in Hartford CT. in 1987. Growing up the R&B and gospel genre captured him at a very young age and by the age of 6 he began singing at his mother and fathers local church. Where he began to really cultivate his craft was in his high school years. Jerome participated in 3 jazz ensembles concert and marching band along with chorus during these years.

Outside of that he began to write and record his own music. Starting mainly in the gospel genre he realized that his love for R&B was even greater. So he shifted his focus on making heart felt and mind bending music that touches on life and all of its ups and downs. From love to hate, joy to pain… connecting with any and everybody that has ever been through anything. Performing is what he loves, just as much as recording. He currently performs with an all live band that has opened for artists like Algebra Blesset, Natasha Ramos, and Miguel to name a few.

He is also currently working on his Debut project. He is a well-rounded songwriter and musician that has referenced records for female and male artists alike. Ready to take his career to the next level, J.R continues to make music and is trying to provide quality music to the masses. A fresh sound and determined spirit separates him from the competition. J.R is the next big thing in Music.




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