Here’s a scenario: A friend stops by your house and asks if you want to go for a ride in his new car. You get in the car and your friend takes off. While you and your friend are having a great time riding, a police siren goes off behind the car. Your friend races away from the cops in his new car. Eventually, the new car collides into a traffic light.

The police arrest YOU for joyriding and carjacking in a stolen car. You think this is unfair. What you do not understand is that the law assumes you know your friends. This means you have an idea whether your friend is a capable of stealing or not. However, you will state that you did not know the vehicle was stolen. The law and police will respond by saying “Prove It.” The rule in the game with the law is this: Truth is Proof. If you cannot prove what you saying, you are lying and therefore guilty of the crime.

You will argue this is unfair. I might agree. But did you know whether your friend had a job or sufficient money to buy a new car? Has your friend ever had a criminal record or previous encounters with the law. These are questions all of us have to ask ourselves before committing oneself to a friendship.

The above scenario could lead to a juvenile sentence or record simply because you did NOT know your friends well enough. The law assumes if you are a party to a criminal act, you agree with the commission of a criminal act. If you can prove with actual facts you did not share in the act of stealing the car or running away from the police, then you are innocent. However, if you do not sustain your burden of proof, you may possibly be looking at either a fine, jail time, or a possible juvenile record.

Based upon all of the above, KNOW YOUR FRIENDS. Choose your friends carefully. If you fail to know your friends’ history, habits or any of your friends’ criminal propensities and records, you may be facing criminal justice for a crime you did not commit. Please consider carefully whether a ride with a friend could lead to a criminal destiny or destination.

After all, this is your life and you want to assure you do not go to jail because you did not know the rules of game in law. Please ponder this thought carefully.


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