I notice when I attend various types of social and professional events, I receive a lot of business cards with the company number and contact information, which is very good start. However, if you want to leave a lasting impression on potential clients, investors, or other small business owners, here are some helpful tips on how to create a business strategy that will allow your brand to shine above the rest:

  • Make sure the font you choose for your business card is legible and large enough for people to read.  It should have your name, job title, phone number, email address, and social media contact information.  Most people do not feel comfortable placing their personal cell or home number on their business cards.  I would suggest getting a google number (which is free).  You can connect your google number to your cell phone. When individuals call your google number they will hear a distinct greeting. Once the message is left, your google number will be notified that a message was left on that number.  If you have more than one cell phone, another option is placing one of your cell phone numbers as your business number.  I would recommend that you to use your business cell phone exclusively for all business cards, inquiries, etc.
  • Always include your company website address!  We are in a digital age where people want to go straight to your website or google your company name. This is a very important part that most small business owners and individual brands miss when they are marketing their services or products on business cards, brochures, paper e-flyers, postcards, etc.
  • Another major component is always having your social media info on all business cards and marketing material. I noticed that most people just don’t remember to put the social media info on their material or they only have Facebook or LinkedIn. Again we are living in a digital age, you have to be able to communicate to the public in all different markets on social media. I would suggest for you invest some time into figuring out what social media platforms work best for your brand and go from there. You should have at least 3 social media handlers on all marketing material that you promote and distribute to the general public.
  • One of the newest things that I include on all of my business cards is a barcode.  Most I-Phones have a barcode on them that your clients and/or potential clients can scan to access all of your contact info without having to type it in manually.  If you don’t have an I-Phone that’s fine, all smartphones have play store on them where you can download a barcode scanner which is free. The benefit of having a barcode on your phone, is that it will save you time and decrease your chances of typing the wrong information into your phone book. Most of all, it will make your brand shine above the rest making it cool, hip, and colorful!  I have included a sample of my business cards below front and back:

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