Native Clevalander and newfound New Yorker Sunny Jones is releasing his follow up single to “Tryna Find You” with R&B dance track,

 “What Lovers Do”. 

This is the second release off his upcoming ‘Beats, Bars andBragging Rights’ EP, set for release this summer.

“What Lovers Do” isn’t the typical love song. Instead of pleading to be enamored, Jones’ asks to not make the mistakes that other people in love have. Instead of a serenade, it’s a plea to stay in love and not give way to the troubles of a budding romance. “What Lovers Do” is an energetic love song of two people who trying not to live the life of love games. Jones’ prefers lovers’ love, not a lover’ war on this single.

Sunny Jones’ ‘Beats, Bars and Bragging Rights’ EP is geared to be the reinvention of popular music. Jones looks forward to bring back the originality, edutainment and soul into R&B and Hip-Hop.

Sunny Jones “What Lovers Do” is available for free on Audiomack. Links to the single and social media accounts are listed below.

“What Lovers Do” CDQ

Sunny Jones
Twitter: @andresince1982
Instagram: @andresince1982



Previous Single: “Tryna Find You”

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