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Ayasha: Today I will be interviewing Tai who has her blog launched on our website called Hair By Tai. During this interview today, Tai will be discussing ways to prevent hair breakage, thinning, and balding. Without further adieu introducing Tai….

Tai: Whenever someone has thinning and/or balding the hair sheds a lot and if you get a lot of breakage it is good to take Biotin Vitamins. It is going to help promote good hair growth, clearer skin, and stronger nails. Both women and men should take biotin vitamins because we may be lacking them in our bodies.

The vitamins help to replenish our bodies and help us be a lot stronger and productive. A lot of the times it is the foods we eat that makes a positive or negative impact on our health and hair. If you are not eating healthy, how are you going to have healthy hair, clearer skin, and nails?

Tai: People should take a total of 5,000 mcg in order for the Biotin to get into their system so it will not shock other medications or supplements that they could be taking. However, always ask your primary care physician first if it is alright for you to start taking Biotin. If it is okay for you to take it, gradually begin to increase your dosages. Start off with taking 1,000 mcg which equals 1 pill a day ending with 5,000 mcg which equals 5 pills a day. For example, for the first week, take 1 pill which is 1000 mcg, then increase it for 2ndweek take 2 Biotin pills per day, 3rd increase to taking 3 pills per day, 4 week take 4 pills per day, and then when you get to week 5 take 5 pills per day that equals to 5,000 mcg which is the max. Make sure you take biotin with a lot of water.

Ayasha: What is the result?

Tai: People will stop seeing baldness, an increase in stronger nails and clearer skin. Your hair will have a stronger texture, it won’t be as limb or fine, it will be a lot stronger and healthier. It will alleviate the shedding, breakage, and should see a change within 6 months. But if you don’t see a change within 6 months, it could be some hereditary issues so then I would advise you to consult with your dermatologist only if your hair is still balding in certain areas. Once it is in your system within 6 months, you should notice a change. Always give things within 6 month’s time frame, to make sure it agrees with you because everyone is different.

Ayasha: Correct! Now, you mentioned another medication that you can take over the counter?

Tai: Bosley Ayasha: I think have seen this product before Bosley. Tai: Yes, in commercials advertisements. Ayasha: Now, what does Bosley do? Tai: Bosley is for balding and thinning hair in men and women. You can consult with the company Bosely yourself or purchase a box of the Bosley or you can see a stylist who specializes in Bosley and offer their products. Ultimately the product will be able to enhance your hair in those parts that are thinning.

Ayasha: We spoke about the Biotin and Bosley…You wouldn’t take both at the same time, just one or the other? Tai: Yes, either take Bosley or Biotin, but do not take both products at the same time. Everyone’s body chemistry is differently and again the product doesn’t work in 6 months you can always take something else. However, you should also consult with your physician first before taking any supplemental products.

Tai: Another product that I recommend my clients to take is Monistat 7 which is a vaginal cream that can be used on your hair with a mixture of Vaseline and/or coconut oil, or olive oil. The Monistat 7 is a cream that helps promotes growth it kills the bacteria that in your scalp to promote growth. This could be another reason why your hair doesn’t grow in certain areas because it is a bacterial and/or a fungus. Monistat 7 has active agent in it that kills it and that what you can use in your scalp as well. I have seen this taken effect within 6 months.

Ayasha: So there is three different ways that people can address baldness or hair thinning through medications or Monistat 7. What I like the most about the supplemental medications it is a 3 In 1 result because it will help with clearer skins and stronger nails all at the same time promoting hair growth as well. In the long run you are getting more bang for your bucks while staying healthy. People are on a budget now a days and they are always looking for inexpensive ways of how to treat their hair problems.

Tai: We always go back to basic….We go back to the natural. Natural hair-care has been around for many years back in the 60’s, women and men would wear a form of extensions or hair enhancements whether it would be wigs or clip ins. People had issues then with their hair, they would have to go back to basics whether they would use a natural oil, plants grow from the earth for example, aloe Vera plants, coconuts, and mix it. All of these things are natural from the earth we use. We have to go back to basics now of which God has created for us to use instead of adding other chemicals that will harm to cause life threatening illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and other disease that we don’t even know why or where they came from. We have to go back to basics using natural and essential products. It would be so much better and cost effective for us to live better and be healthier!

Ayasha: Correct!

Tai: By just having natural things….

Ayasha: WOW!

Tai: Like the Virgin Olive Oil that we cook with and can eat with, you can use on your hair as a form of a nice hair grease. You can mix Olive Oil with the coconut oil put it into your hair a nice shine and smell. You can also use Olive Oil and the Aloe Vera plant to help with your skin against sun damage or sun burning. You put the Aloe Vera on your face and hands. You can also use the aloe Vera mixed in with all three elements together (the aloe Vera, coconut oil, and olive oil), this would produce a mixture that is good for your hair, skin, and nails. All three of them together will promote a nice shine for your cuticle, hands, and skin. Your hair is a follicle that comes from your skin and if that is nourished with this mixture, it will produce good hair growth too instead of dryness.

Ayasha: I am so impressed with what I just learned…I am always learning something new! I am so amazed right now…..

Tai: This is perfect for this summer season because of the sun rays and the moist in the air from rainy days. When it rains outside it become dry, it kills some of the pollen and other things in the air which we all inhale. With this in our system we will then need something to put back into our system. By drinking a lot of water it helps to hydrate our bodies, hair, and skin. We live better!

Ayasha: Correct!

Tai: We have to drink water, it is a main essential. God has already plant it for us to have water so use it. You need to breathe healthier, if you are in a healthier environment you will eat better, and you are making it better for our bodies, which in fact promotes good hair, nail, and skin growth. For example: when a person sees you for the 1st They are going to notice these main essentials because when a person looks at you they are going to either look at hair, face, or look down at your clothes. They are going to look at you and if something is wrong with that you need to correct it. For example, if someone has yellow or discoloration in your fingernails. You would be surprised of what people notice about you that you may not notice about yourself. So, if you take care of yourself in that aspect, it will make you feel better, you will have a glow to you, you won’t feel so sluggish or weight down due to the foods that we eat because you are neglecting to drink water or to eat properly. Our physical appearance will reflect whatever is going in our bodies. We have to go back  to the basics!

Tai: They say that some Brazilian women have beautiful hair and skin because the water is different there.

Ayasha: oh….okay and wow! Totally didn’t know that….

Tai: Their hair products and system in Brazil is totally different than the United States. I would love to go to Brazil to understand their hair care system. Most people say Brazilian women are so beautiful which I believe comes from the environment that they live in. Even though we live in the Garden state, New Jersey, we still experience dryness in our skin and hair due to our environment. However there are a lot of things that you can do to help maintain your hair especially during the summer. Like I mentioned that sun rays are totally different right now, it is hotter so it will dry our hair out. You can do protective styling…Like you did Ayasha with a Sew-In weave and you can leave a little bit of your hair out because you can still nourish the hair that being left out to cover the extensions. By using a titanium flat iron, with a nice oil treatment on the top of the hair that left out on the top a chance to breath. time, what do they notice? This is a good way to protect your hair it doesn’t matter if it is braids like the goddess braids or corn rows. Even treatments are good or if you don’t want to invest into getting extensions or braids, keep your hair shampooed and conditioned with sulfur free products. You may need to wash your hair little more than often because the sun rays are higher now during the summer and in addition to drinking more water. That definitely will help with promoting stronger and healthier hair growth.

Ayasha: When you mentioned sulfur-free, what kinds of products are you talking about?

Tai: Sulfur-Free are alcohol free products that are in shampoo, conditioners, and leave in creams. After you shampoo your hair, you have to condition it and after you condition you can either apply a leave in cream or conditioner into your hair. Anything to keep your hair strong and maintain, even if it is blow dried or once you are getting your hair styled. It is important to have something left in your hair to protect it from breakage, wind or sun damage. If you are walking outside, you get dirt or sand on your hair, all this is very harsh onto our hair. We don’t even realize that… All things come from wind, trees and dirt blowing comes onto our hair too and we inhale that and breathe that… So, it is good to have a protective seal on your hair. Sulfur-free are alcohol free products and we don’t need alcohol in our hair because it dries the hair out? We don’t want to keep alcohol in our hair because it will make our hair brittle and when it starts to shed, then when your hair is not maintenance properly and it is out of control this is where you can start to developing baldness which causes alopecia that can result in permanent hair loss.

Ayasha: WOW!

Tai: Just by your hair not being properly treated.

Ayasha: Thank you Tai for this great interview. I definitely learned so much about hair care today and I hope our viewers will too. Thank you for reading Hair By Tai Summer Interview as we discussed hair growth & make sure you check Tai’s fall interview premiering in September.

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