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New Music NJ Team is looking for a photographer to intern for our show. Our show New Music NJ travels to interview the hottest Indie Artists throughout the world. 
Photographer is required to take pictures of the artist & host during the taping of the show and may be also required to take pictures of artists performances as well.
This is an unpaid internship position which allow you to network with individuals in the entertainment industry and to work on building your portfolio at the same time. 
Photographers should be: 
  • Creative with a good eye for a picture.
  • Have excellent technical and photographic skills.
  • Have a good communication and people skills.
  • Have good IT skills especially with computer programs such as Photoshop.
 New Music NJ Team is also looking for a assistant production manager to intern for our show. Assistant production manager will be involved with planning, coordinating, and assisting with control of the manufacturing processes. They will ensure that goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality. 
Function involved will be:
  • Helping to oversee the production process drawing up a production schedule.
  • Ensuring that the production is cost effective
  • Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality.
  • Working out the human and material resources needed

Please contact for more information.

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