Intern PR Manager Assistant for New Music NJ 
Brief Summary 
Helps directs publicity programs and campaigns, improves public image of company and helps clarifies company’s point of view on important issues. 
Primary Responsibilities 
  • Help evaluate and implement sale promotion programs.
  • Help develop PR strategies, campaigns, and initiatives to improve public perception of company. 
  • Prepare and publish newsletters and other company literature.
  • Create motivational videos. 
  • Write press releases and media kits
  • Help assist with managing company sponsorship
  • Maintain effective working relationships with local, national, and international media representatives.
Intern Videographer/Editor
Brief Job Description  
This specialty covers the strategic and operational management and implementation of activities related to the conception, design, creation, development, and production of media—video, audio, multimedia, and other forms of digital media—for diverse audiences. 
Functions may include conceptualizing, developing, designing, producing, shooting, directing, and editing of media projects; or the operation, maintenance and/or oversight of media facilities, production, and distribution-related activities.
Intern Fashion Editors for Jerz Life Fashion Blog 

Two positions available


A fashion editor oversees the creation of fashion-related content for Jerz Life Fashion Blog. Under guidance of the editor-in-chief, fashion editors have the responsible for deciding the creative influence and direction that their departments will pursue during the season or issue of the blog.






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