NMNJ_LOGO_uslNew Music NJ is a music show dedicated to Indie Artists throughout United States and world. Our show was created in June 2011 as a show that gave New Jersey Artists an opportunity to have their musical talents, gifts, and skills featured on our show. What makes New Music NJ such an unique show is that we actually travel to the artist to find out their cultural influences of their music and how they were able to develop that sound and make it their own.

In 2012, we begin to travel to places such as Philadelphia, New York, and Connecticut to give other Indie Artists from different states the opportunity to have their story told and to understand their musical sounds as well. Our show just doesn’t focus on Indie artists in New Jersey, but Underground Artists throughout the United States and the world.

Make sure you watch New Music NJ Trailer to find out what in store for Season 2 of our show.

Moving forward with our new vision New Music NJ only features the Best of Underground Artists and if you would like to be feature on our show, email us with the following information provided below:

  • Your name
  • Your Artist
  • City
  • Town
  • Country
  • Age
  • Small Bio of yourself
  • 4 songs
  • 2 music videos
  • Your contact info (email, cell phone, or office number)
  • what day and time is best to contact you

If you do not have the requested information included in your email, we will not respond to your request.

FYI if you are under the age of 18, we will need for your parent or guardian to complete a consent form, which will allow for you to be feature on our show. If the consent is not completed in it’s entirety, you will not be interviewed on our show. Consent will emailed directly to the guardian or parent, not to the artists who is under the age of 18. Thank you for your understanding on this matter!

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