Epole Njume wrote poem about New Music NJ called the Sounds of NJ dedicated to our Show New Music NJ.
Epole is the Co-Editor of Jerz Life Fashion Blog and  Intern for USL Services.

Sounds of NJ

Jersey’s music is a blend of

raw urban rap, sweet soft sounds of jazz

rich historic folklore,

high energetic & soulful African and Caribbean rhythmic sounds

Gospel and contemporary Christian Hallelujahs

echos of Allah dwntwn Newark

Come see Italian, Puerto Rican & Asian take mics in hand

Hard bumpin beats from cars while

suburban girls sing along to z100, 98.5, &

for the jazz heads 88.3 fm

sounds from spoken word artists take charge of college campuses (RU, MSU, KU, ECC,
BC, FDU, RiderU, CSE, Ramapo etc)

stereos fill the inner streets near Broad&Market while

Asbury Parks gives us music festivals & live bands

endless nightclubs fill our eardrums with pleasure

even though they close at 3 am

Talent Lives here…NJ artists we support u!

New Music New Jersey is right in the middle of all these musical vibrations

Definitely reach out to us www.urbansocialitesnj.com

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